Kuiu Ultralight Hunting Gear Reviews

Spending time hunting in harsh conditions means you will be exposed to some rough terrain and unforgiving weather. Plenty of brands offer gear and clothing designed to stand up to these conditions, however some are better designed for the task than others. Back country and alpine hunting on foot forces you to consider every item …

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MagnetoSpeed V3 Review

Lets dive into the MagnetoSpeed V3 and see why it’s an essential piece of kit for the precision shooter. Chronographs To get the most out of your precision rifle, you need an understanding of what your projectile is going to do once it leaves the barrel of the firearm. This is where a chronograph comes …

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Leatherman OHT Review

Let’s check out the Leatherman OHT (one hand tool) and how it handled the last 12 months of use. Multitools Doing a lot of hunting, camping and trips to the range I have come to love having a multitool on hand. Even having one in a draw in the house has been great for quickly …

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RCBS Chargemaster Lite Review

When making precision hand loads, weighing individual powder loads can become extremely tiresome. The RCBS Chargemaster Lite has made reloading match ammo a whole lot easier. The Chargemaster is a bench top electronic scale with a powder dispenser built in. Unboxing the kit and setting it up was easy with the included manual. They come …

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