Rifle Spotlight – Victrix Venus PRO

Italian firearm manufacturer Victrix are known for offering a range of high end and well thought out sporting and tactical rifles, which now includes the Victrix Venus PRO in their line up. Victrix rifles are rare to see at the range here in Aus but they catch the eye on the firing line when one …

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Rifle Spotlight – Type 99 Arisaka

Shooting the Japanese WW2 ‘Arisaka’ Type 99 military rifle chambered in 7.7x58mm. This rifle was in service from 1939-45 where around 3.5 million were made. The Arisaka has an internal 5 round box magazine with a hinged floorplate. 7.7 ammunition is not easy to find but I was running some factory PPU found at a …

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Rifle Spotlight: Q The Fix

First announced at Shot Show 2017, The Fix rifle was a new take on the compact bolt gun. The idea behind the rifle is to have a lightweight, compact and accurate bolt action rifle. Looking at each piece in the design you can see how keeping the weight down has been the priority. A couple …

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8 Best Precision Rifles: A Look at the Top ‘Out of the Box’ Rifles

What are the best out of the box precision rifles? Here we have listed the best precision rifles in no particular order, with ‘out of the box’ meaning factory made, non custom built rifles. Our hope is to show you a range of different rifles with some heavy hitters up first in the lineup. Remember …

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Sulun Arms TAC-12 Review

Sulun Arms Tac12

Lets take a closer look at the straight pull Sulun Arms TAC-12 Shotgun. In Australia we aren’t able to own semi-automatic shotguns so there’s a variety of different shotguns available, including lever action and straight pull shotguns. Sulun Arms The manufacturer of the TAC-12 is Sulun Arms. The company is based in Turkey and has …

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Warwick Firearms WFA1-L Review

The WFA1 has been on the Australian market for a few years now. Lucky for me, I was able to get some trigger time behind the WFA1-L. The WFA1-L is manufactured by Warwick Firearms in Victoria, Australia. Handling an Australian designed and manufactured rifle does give you a good feeling, as there aren’t too many …

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Sako 85 Finnlight II Review

After spending just over a week in the New Zealand Alps hunting Tahr (mountain goat), I needed a lighter rifle to make climbing the rocky terrain a little easier. Thats where the Sako 85 Finnlight II came in. In my search for the perfect rifle, I was looking for something reliable, well made and accurate. …

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Ruger Precision Rifle .308 Review

In the last few years the precision rifle market has exploded. Companies are releasing rifles aimed at precision rifle shooters, such as the Sig Cross Rifle, Mossberg MVP Precision and Christiensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle. Precision Rifle Matches Its no wonder why when precision rifle matches have become one of the fastest growing shooting matches …

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