The 8 Best Rifle Bipods for 2023

My bipods get a workout whether its hunting trips in the rugged New Zealand alps, long distance shooting in the harsh outback or long days at the range for a competition shoot. Because of these challenging conditions I am always on the lookout for the best rifle bipods on the market. Having extensively used a …

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Finding The Best Vortex Scope

When it comes to rifle scopes one brand stands out as having an option for all, Vortex Optics. I have put my money where my mouth is having owned almost one from all their scope series over the years. Known for their performance and affordable prices, Vortex rifle scopes have earned a well-deserved reputation among hunters and …

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The Best Nightforce Scope

When it comes to high end optics on the line at the shooting range, you will be hard pressed not seeing a Nightforce scope. Spanning several decades, Nightforce has earned a reputation for producing high performance optics tailored to meet the needs of military, sporting shooters and hunters alike. Below, we will look into the range of Nightforce …

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8 Best Precision Rifles: A Look at the Top ‘Out of the Box’ Rifles

What are the best out of the box precision rifles? Here we have listed the best precision rifles in no particular order, with ‘out of the box’ meaning factory made, non custom built rifles. Our hope is to show you a range of different rifles with some heavy hitters up first in the lineup. Remember …

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The 8 Best Scopes Under $1000

Best Budget Scopes

On a budget you want the best value for money you can get. This list shows the 8 best scopes under $1000 available today. The optics have been selected based on their features with long distance shooting in mind. There are countless optics to choose from, with companies constantly releasing new models with better features. …

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Selecting The Right Rifle Scope

Nightforce NX8

The question you have to begin with when selecting a rifle scope is, “what’s the main purpose of the scope”? Is the scope for target shooting, hunting or both?  Optics are designed with specific features for each shooting discipline and it’s good to know which of these features will be important for you. An example …

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Choosing a Scope in MIL or MOA

Choosing a rifle scope can be a complex endeavor with many features to consider including focal plane, magnification range, MIL or MOA and reticle just to name a few. Here you will find a quick tip to help make the choice between MOA and MRAD easier to make. Provided that you are in the market …

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