Best LPVO Rifle Scopes 2024

Last updated on March 30th, 2024

They pack more features than a Red Dot, but aren’t exactly built with long distance in mind, here we check out the best LPVO or Low Power Variable Optics and see why they have become popular close to mid range optics in the shooting world. LPVO’s offer a unique combination of a wide field of view at low magnification, crucial for quick target acquisition, and the ability to zoom for precise shots at longer ranges. Whether for tactical engagements or hunting scenarios, LPVO’s are versatile scopes. This guide explores the top LPVO rifle scopes, focusing on their features, including available reticles, to help you identify the best LPVO rifle scope for your needs.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing an LPVO Rifle Scope

When selecting an LPVO, consider factors such as magnification range, which typically varies from 1-4x, 1-6x, or 1-8x. The quality of the lenses is crucial for clear, bright images, while a durable construction ensures longevity and reliability in various conditions. The type of reticle and whether it is illuminated can also impact performance.

Best High End Tactical LPVO: Steiner T6Xi 1-6×24

Credit: Steiner Optics

Steiner Optics T6Xi is a great example of excellent glass quality in an optic thats designed to meet the demands of professional shooters. This LPVO standsout with its great build quality, optical clarity, and user friendly functionality. The T6Xi scopes are engineered with resilience in mind, capable of withstanding tough field conditions, which is a hallmark of Steiner’s battle proven reputation.

The optical system in this LPVO is tailored for clarity and precision, ensuring sharp, clear images that are critical for accurate target aquisition. Additionally, the T6Xi series offers a range of reticles, including the very capable Special Competition Reticle (SCR), which gives precise holdovers and windage corrections, making it perfect for competitive shooting and tactical applications.

Credit: YouTube

The magnification range of1-6x, gives a broad field of view at lower settings and detailed imagery at higher levels, perfect for adapting to rapidly changing situations. The rugged nature of the optic and optical clarity of the T6Xi series make it an ideal choice for both close quarter tactical operations and mid range hunting. Its reliability coupled with the precision offered by its reticles, caters to professional shooters who require an optic that performs.

Best LPVO For Competitions: Nightforce ATACR 1-8×24


Sticking with the premium side of LPVO’s the Nightforce ATACR series has an amazing reputation in the world of professional shooting for its rugged design, glass and reliability. Nightforce are most famous for their military contracts and their optics continue to be used in the worlds most challenging conditions. Known for their robust construction and optical performance, the Nightforce ATACR LPVO is a popular choice among professional shooters.


One of the standout features of the ATACR series is its range of reticle options including the MOAR and MIL-C reticles, offering shooters options whether it’s competitive shooting for hunting. The Nightforce ATACR LPVO uses state of the art lenses that provide a crystal clear image, and superior light transmission. The reticle choices, such as the MOAR with its floating center crosshair and 1 MOA markings, provide great capabilities and field of view.  The ATACR’s are equally at home in a tactical situation as they are for hunting, providing the reliability and precision required by professional shooters.

Best Entry Level LPVO: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24


The Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the most popular LPVO’s on the market. The Strike Eagle brings affordability, an epic warranty and good features to the table. This combination is what makes the Vortex Strike Eagle such a  popular choice all around the world. Vortex Optics have established themselves a reputation for providing durable, high performing optics at great price points.

It’s designed for shooters who need a reliable LPVO without breaking the bank and the series includes 1-6x and 1-8x varients catering to both close and mid range scenarios. The Strike Eagle scopes feature the AR-BDC3 reticle, a great reticle design that offers great ability for quick target acquisition up close and for reaching out at greater distances.

The Vortex Strike Eagle LPVO is equipped with good quality, fully multi coated lenses that gives good light transmission and clear images. The AR-BDC3 reticle, exclusive to this series, is calibrated for popular 5.56 and .308 cartridges, providing shooters with holdover points for bullet drop. This reticle is great for dynamic shooting where speed and accuracy are paramount. The Strike Eagle LPVO is another great choice for both competitive shooting and hunting, being a favourite for its price point. Its good magnification range, coupled with the capable AR-BDC3 reticle, make it suitable for a variety of shooting disciplines, from dynamic comps to precision hunting at medium ranges. Its great reticle design facilitates rapid target engagement while providing the necessary precision for longer shots.

Best Value LPVO: Vortex PST Gen II 1-6×24

Credit: Primaryandsecondary

A step up from the Strike Eagle in terms of build quality and components, the Vortex PST Gen II offers some impressive glass at a great price point. The PST optics line from Vortex do a great job of providing great quality glass that balances performance and affordability. The PST Gen II scopes are known for their precise click adjustments.  The PST Gen II LPVO has the EBR-2C reticle, which is available in both MOA and MRAD versions, and offers good hold points for windage and elevation in the reticle. This reticle is designed for ease of use, providing shooters with quick and accurate compensation for bullet drop and wind drift, even at extended ranges.

The quality of the components at the mid range price point make it well suited for a wide range of users. Its great clicks  and reticle design make it an excellent choice for comps and tactical use where accuracy is critical. And like its larger cousin, the PST Gen II 5-25×50, the LPVO variant it built tough to handle rough work.

Best Budget Package LPVO: Sig Sauer TANGO MSR 1-6×24

The Sig Sauer TANGO MSR LPVO is best known for being an affordable unit with a neat throw lever and included mount. It is designed more to cater to both sporting shooters and the tactical crowd and not so much for hunting. It has a fairly user friendly reticles including the BDC6 and MSR FFP BDC6, which have bullet drop compensation built into the reticles and also include illumination. The reticles are built for purpose allowing for rapid target acquisition and quick shot placement including with simple holdover points for different distances. Unfortunately for those looking for a more hunting focused, duplex style reticle wont find it here.


In addition to its great price point, the Sig Sauer TANGO MSR LPVO includes a quick to adjust magnification ring. The inclusion of a throw lever helps make magnification changes easy. Unlike others on the list the Sig comes with a good quality scope mount and scope caps, which adds value to the package.

Best LPVO For Hunting: Meopta Optika6 1-6×24

The Meopta Meopro Optika6 1-6×24 scope is a great LPVO built with hunting in mind. With a lot in common with other optics on the list, the Meopta stands out with its good weight, great glass and its user friendly built. Built in the Czech Republic the Optika6 achieves its clear view through its lens coatings that enhance light transmission, providing bright and clear images, which are important for hunting at low light. The scope’s build balances durability and lightweight really well, making it ideal for use in the field hunting.

There are four reticle choices for the Optika6 with two having ballistic dots and hashmarks and the other two being a lot more simple and hunting focused. This range of reticles gives you more of a choice to select the variant that will best suit your needs. There are also first and second focale plane options available. It sits in the middle in terms of affordability, not the cheapest on the market but far from the most expensive.

Best All Round LPVO: Trijicon Credo 1-6×24


Trijicon have built a reputation for offering battle proof optics and the Credo 1-6×24 LPVO is no exception. Trijicon have straight out said its designed for competition and law enforcement use in mind and that’s reflected in the features of the scope. You wont find super simple duplex hunting reticle here but there are some that can be used. Instead, this optic is made primarily for dynamic shooting scenarios.

The Credo comes with some practical accessories including  lens covers, a neoprene scope cover, and an adjustable throw lever.  The scope includes an adjustable diopter and ¼ MOA windage and elevation turret adjustments. The turrets are capped and can be zeroed fairly easily. As with all Trijicons, the glass is fantastic and a real strength.


There are four reticle choices available and with red and green illumination options. The illumination is adjustable with ten brightness settings. Its an incredibly suitable optic for both competitive shooting and tactical purposes, offering fast target acquisition and reliable performance at different ranges. Overall, the Trijicon Credo 1-6×24 represents Trijicon’s commitment to high performance optics, combining military grade durability with the versatile functionality required for serious shooting applications.

Summing Up

Each model offers something different, being quality, performance, and design, catering to different needs of competition shooters, hunters and professionals. The world of LPVOs is diverse, and there are plenty of choices, but understanding the differences of each model can help in making a more informed decision. The Steiner T6Xi sets a high standard for the tactical minded and the Nightforce ATACR follows closely, offering great clarity and usability. The Vortex models with the Strike Eagle and PST Gen II show that performance doesn’t always have to come at a premium price, making quality optics affordable.

In conclusion, the choice of which LPVO you need is a personal decision. It’s important to consider not only the specs and features of the LPVO but also how it fits with your needs. The right LPVO can provide greater adaptability across ranges, and offer the reliability required in different environments.


Steiner T6Xi

Great tactical turrets, tough build quality from one of the best optics companies in the world


Nightforce ATACR

Great glass and a tough exterior make this perfect for dynamic shooting



Vortex Strike Eagle

Great price and even better warranty, its the perfect starting point



Vortex PST Gen II

Punching above its weight, the PST has exceptional features for the price




Budget friendly, tactical ready package that’s good to go



Meopta Optika6

Built tough and geared toward hunting with simple duplex reticles



Trijicon Credo

Leaning more toward a tactical optic the reticle choices give you plenty of options

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