Kuiu Super Down Pro Jacket 

Finding the perfect packable ultralight jacket is no easy task, the Kuiu Super Down Pro is by no means a jacket that will suit everyone and survive a trip unscathed through thick bushes or a rocky trip down the mountain. It’s designed as a lightweight outer layer to keep you warm when glassing or at camp in extreme cold. 

Down jackets usually weigh a ton and become cumbersome hauling them around on the hunt. This is where the Super Down Pro shines through the competition with its water resistant down and low weight of 380grams, appealing to the ultralight hunter.

If the Kuiu Super Down Pro jacket wasn’t attractive enough for its light weight, it also packs down to a very small size. 

Looking more at the durability of the jacket, as stated earlier it isn’t designed as a tough jacket to stalk in. However it is constructed with a more durable material than the Kuiu Ultra Down set and also contains twice as much down as the Ultras. 

The light weight, water resistant down material combined with its easy packable nature make this an easy choice for extreme cold weather hunts.