Kuiu Super Down Pro Jacket 

Last updated on March 5th, 2024

Finding the perfect packable ultralight jacket is no easy task, the Kuiu Super Down Pro is by no means a jacket that will suit everyone and survive a trip unscathed through thick bushes or a rocky trip down the mountain. It’s designed as a lightweight outer layer to keep you warm when glassing or at camp in extreme cold. 

Kuiu Super Down Pro Jacket 

Down jackets usually weigh a ton and become cumbersome hauling them around on the hunt. This is where the Super Down Pro shines through the competition with its water resistant down and low weight of 380grams, appealing to the ultralight hunter.

Kuiu Super Down Pro


Embarking on an exploration of the Kuiu Super Down Pro, the first thing that captures attention is its unbelievably lightweight nature. It almost mirrors the embrace of a cloud, giving a sense of ethereal comfort without the drag of unnecessary weight. This lightness is crucial for ease of movement, a factor that any adventure seeker would hold paramount.

Kuiu Super Down Pro

Despite its lightweight profile, the Kuiu Super Down Pro doesn’t compromise on warmth. It’s generously filled with premium down, engineered to retain heat and keep the cold at bay, even in the most frigid conditions. This combination of lightness and warmth positions it as a versatile companion for various outdoor pursuits, be it early morning hikes, late-night stargazing, or high-altitude expeditions.


The Kuiu Super Down Pro’s design narrative speaks the language of modern aesthetics. It carries a sleek, stylish profile, erasing the stereotype of bulky outdoor jackets. The underarm vents are one of the best design features, these vents allow you to quickly cool down without removing the jacket.

Kuiu Super Down Pro

In addition to its design, the jacket offers a palette of colors to choose from, accommodating diverse preferences and styles. This variety further enhances its appeal, making it a fitting choice for individuals who value both functionality and fashion in their outdoor gear.


Another notable feature is the Kuiu Super Down Pro’s remarkable packability. It can be compressed to a minimal size, freeing up valuable space in your backpack. This feature underscores its convenience, ensuring that it’s always within reach without becoming a burden during your travels.

Kuiu Super Down Pro

The ease of packing and unpacking the jacket also means quick access and storage, ensuring you are always prepared for sudden weather changes. This responsiveness enhances your outdoor experience, allowing more focus on the adventure and less on gear management.


The jacket’s durability is its weak point. The Kuiu Super Down Pro is made with materials designed to withstand cold conditions but isn’t designed for stalking through the bush in. However it is constructed with a more durable material than the Kuiu Ultra Down set and also contains twice as much down as the Ultras. 

Kuiu Super Down Pro

I typically wear this in static situations, back at camp on sitting glassing, it does an exceptional job keeping me warm but doesn’t have the hard outer shell for trekking.


The Kuiu Super Down Pro is a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts and casual users alike looking for an ultralight and warm jacket. The light weight, water resistant down material combined with its easy packable nature make this an easy choice for extreme cold weather hunts. 

Kuiu Super Down Pro Jacket 

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