Kuiu Mud Boots Overview

Imagine the unforgiving landscape of a wet, cold, muddy hunting trip. You’re standing knee deep in wet mud, the sort of terrain that could easily slow you down to a crawl. The air is cold, the wind a brutal presence that cuts through to your bones. It’s the kind of environment that would make a …

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Chiappa 1853 Enfield YouTube Overview

Chiappa 1853

The 1853 Enfield reproduction by Chiappa is a very niche firearm, tailored towards those with an interest in history. Chiappa have taken one of the most popular rifle muskets of the 19th century and given it the full treatment, reproducing it so it can be enjoyed today. The 39 inch barrel is as long and …

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Victrix Pugio YouTube Review

Italian precision rifles go hard. I’m a big fan of tactical rifles and optics, easy to use, compact and super adjustable. Components that make sending rounds easy work. Chambered in the mighty .308 the Victrix Pugio is well balanced, has a super smooth bolt and an even better trigger. I also never knew I needed …

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Rifle Spotlight: Bergara HMR PRO

Based in sunny Spain Bergara rifles are becoming more and more popular around the world. One of their most common rifles is the Bergara HMR PRO. The rifle fits into a rare category of being a great hunting and target rifle. Its even in the name, with HMR standing for ‘Hunting and Match Rifle’. But …

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Rifle Spotlight: Steyr SSG M1

The Austrian made Steyr SSG M1 precision rifle is a popular tactical rifle widely used by military and tactical units around the world. The rifle has some tough competition up against the Sako M10, Barrett MRAD and Accuracy International AT-XC but manages to bring some impressive features to the fight. The core of any tactical …

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Rife Spotlight: Tikka T3x

One of the most popular firearms in the world is the Tikka T3x series. Tikka have become one of the first choices for shooters with hunting setups and custom builds often involving a Tikka T3x. There are a huge number of variants within the T3x series that span from lite hunting rifles to heavy duty …

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Rife Spotlight: Steyr Classic II

Steyr’s aren’t the most common rifles seen on the firing line at the range but they do have a reputation for making excellent quality firearms. Designed for hunters, the Steyr Classic II brings some high-quality features with it. The most standout feature of the Steyr Classic II is how many versions of the rifle there …

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Mossberg Patriot Review

With more opportunities to go hunting on the cards I needed a few different caliber options for my hunting rifles. My hunting rifles get worked pretty hard in the western Queensland bush, with thick scrub, high temps and long distances covered on foot. I settled on getting a rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor but one …

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