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8 Best Precision Rifles: A Look at the Top ‘Out of the Box’ Rifles

Custom builds can have some significant wait times and so here we will be looking at what the best out of the box precision rifles are. We have listed the …

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Victrix Pugio Review

As a follower of all things precision rifles, I have kept a watchful eye on …

New Kahles K328i series

I see the MSR2 reticle, I am immediately interested. This has to be one of …

SCSA Taipan X Review

New from Southern Cross Small Arms (SCSA) is the Taipan X. It’s a rifle aimed …

Franchi Horizon .308 Review

The newest rifle in the safe is the Franchi Horizon in .308. It can be …

Rifle Spotlight – Cadex Defence CDX-X145

The newest addition from Cadex has landed, the CDX-X145 is a long range anti-material rifle …

Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 Review

As technology advances, so do hunting optics and the Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 stands out as …

Optic review

Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25×56 Review

The benchmark for optical quality in tactical rifle scopes has long been the Schmidt & Bender PM II. It wasn’t a hard choice for me choosing what optic to buy for my Sako TRG for long distance shooting. The repeatable easy to use turrets, alpha tier glass and simple reticles have been a draw card.

Gear Review

The Ultimate Hearing Pro Upgrade: Sordin Supreme Pro-X Review

One of the most important safety aspects of shooting is hearing protection. I make this a priority at the range by investing in some of the best hearing protection available and that’s why I picked up the latest Sordin Supreme Pro-X.

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