SkopeCam 3 Universal Phone Mount

To help capture shots through your phone, there is an Australian designed and owned universal phone mount that ticks all the boxes. SkopeCam is a way to capture footage or take photos through the camera app on your phone by attaching a mount to your rifle scope. The phones position is then fully adjustable to find the right position behind the optic.

For hunting applications, once you have the scope mount attached to your scope, its easy to quickly grab the mount from your pack and slide it onto the scope.

I originally bought one of these back in 2019 and its been a regular piece of kit thrown in my range bag since. All downrange footage in our Vortex Diamondback and Viper optic reviews is captured using the SkopeCam.

Its miles ahead of the cheap phone adapters available online and provides a middle ground up against more expensive in-scope video capturing products.

Another great thing about the SkopeCam 3, is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that the team have go you covered.

For more information on the SkopeCam 3 checkout Skopecam’s website.