MagnetoSpeed V3 Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

Lets dive into the MagnetoSpeed V3 and see why it’s an essential piece of kit for the precision shooter.


To get the most out of your precision rifle, you need an understanding of what your projectile is going to do once it leaves the barrel of the firearm. This is where a chronograph comes into play. Precision shooters need Data of Previous Experience (DOPE) to know exactly how to reach out and hit steel. The chronograph provides an essential part of that data, the velocity of the projectile when leaving the muzzle of the firearm.

A shooter that reloads their own ammunition can’t look at the side of a box of factory ammunition to gauge the velocity of the round, they need to gather the data themselves.


Based out of the US, MagnetoSpeed is part of the Ballistics Division of Nielsen-Kellerman, the same parent company as Kestrel who manufacture the famous weather meters used by shooters around the globe. It’s no wonder these companies ended up under the one banner with both providing data to help shooters make precision shots.

MagnetoSpeed V3

Designed and manufactured in the US, the V3 is a barrel mounted chronograph that uses electromagnetic sensors to determine the velocity of a projectile leaving a rifle barrel when fired. The benefits of a barrel mounted chronograph mean that it’s easy to get an accurate reading of muzzle velocity without the hassle of setting up tripod measuring systems or placing devices down range.

There is also a different version on offer from MagneetoSpeed, called the ‘Sporter’ model. This model does not include as many mounting options and is a trimmed down version of the V3. We have previously used the Sporter, so it was good to have the V3 to compare the models.

What’s in the Box

Bayonet Sensor – The sensor itself is manufactured to withstand a muzzle blast, so use on shotguns and firearms with muzzle breaks isn’t a problem.

Control Unit – The unit is easy to navigate, and the included instruction manual goes over the basics of how to move your way around the device.

Barrel Spacers – The V3 has three spacers and two rubber pads of varying thicknesses. As different firearms have different barrel sizes a combination of these pads are used to ensure the bayonet sensor is aligned correctly.

Alignment Rod – The MagnetoSpeed V3 comes with a guide rod used to make sure the path of the projectile leaving the muzzle wont accidentally hit the chronograph on the way out.

How does it work?

The bayonet has two magnetic sensors that read the bullet as it passes over them. The data is then displayed on the control unit.

Attaching the bayonet to the rifle barrel is easy with the strap included. Finding the correct position on your barrel is achieved by using the included spacers and guide rod to determine the clearance.

Once the bayonet is in the correct place, the strap can be tightened and the bottom thumb screw tightened. When connected to the unit with the included cable, the unit powers on automatically ready to detect muzzle velocity. The display unit is powered by a 9volt battery or by two CR123 batteries. The display unit also features a backlight for use in low light conditions.

At the Range

The unit itself is compact and easy to transport in the carry case provided. Once setup at the bench and from the first shot fired the data populated. The data that is given can be stored in the onboard SD card or you can simply write down the readings or type them into your phone. I keep a notes section on my phone for my load development DOPE so it was easy to add the readings into that.

The screen provides you with the last three shot velocities as well as the sessions maximum and minimum velocity as well as the standard deviation reading. The unit was able to pick up every shot fired and the data was easy to see on the display.

The only limitation to the V3 is that it is only able to give you data on the muzzle velocity of your shots. Other chronographs can be setup downrange to capture speeds at different distances.


The V3 is the top of the line package from MagnetoSpeed. The tools provided give you everything you need to get the correct data for load development of precision rounds. The setup is simple with strapping the device to the barrel, shooting and checking the data. A chronograph is an essential piece of kit for the precision rifle shooter and adding the  MagnetoSpeed V3 to your kit will not disappoint.


  • Well made
  • Compact
  • Precise

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