Wedgetail MPR Mini 223 Pump Action

Wedgetail Industries have just announced their long awaited release for the new MPR Mini chambered in ,223. The 308 variant has been received well as a high quality and reliable rifle, the new Mini version is designed on the same MSR rifle format. There is some tough competition in the .223 category up against the …

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Rifle Spotlight – PGM ULTIMA RATIO

All the way from France comes the PGM Ultima Ratio rifle. This impressive looking rifle is made by PGM Precision, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing tactical bolt action rifles. Available in a long list of calibers the newer version of the Ultima Ratio builds on the reputation of the first Ultima manufactured …

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Accuracy International AT-XC

The latest from Accuracy International is the newly released AT-XC series. Shown off for the first time at Shot Show 2024 the AT-XC brings about some new features for AI. There are three variants available including Standard, comp and mil versions of the rifle. The action of the AT-XC is a new redesigned action that …

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Rifle Spotlight – Cadex Defence CDX-X145

The newest addition from Cadex has landed, the CDX-X145 is a long range anti-material rifle chambered in the massive 14.5×114mm. Designed with the military in mind, this beast weighs in at 44.75lb’s/20kg and has long distance written all over it. The CDX-X145 has a 8 groove rifled barrel, 40” in length with a 1:14 twist. …

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New Tactical Bolt Action – The CZ 600 MDT

The latest firearm release for the precision rifle crowd is the CZ 600 MDT. As the name suggest its part of the new 600 series from CZ and boasts two separate models, the MDT Deep Bronze and MDT Grey. The Bronze model has the MDT SRS skeleton stock which features a vertical pistol grip, adjustable cheek …

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Rifle Spotlight: Steyr Scout II

The Steyr Scout rifle is iconic in the firearm world, the famous rifle has a new version, the Steyr Scout II. Originally inspired by Colonel Jeff Cooper, the new version has some improvements including a Picatinny The new Steyr Scout II rifle will be available in one of the following caliber options: .223 Remington, .243 …

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Rifle Spotlight: Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical Rifle

The Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical was announced this time last year and adds another option for the budget minded long distance shooter. There are some interesting features in this rifle that are worth checking out. It’s currently available in three calibers including 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and 308 WIN. These cartridge offerings are great long-distance …

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Introducing The Barrett MRADELR

Barrett Firearms have just announced the release of their newest rifle, the Barrett MRADELR. This ELR or Extreme Long Range rifle is a larger platform of the Barrett MRAD. Released in 416 Barrett, there are more calibers on the way. The huge 36″ barrel will be interchangeable with the new ‘Barrel Maker Kit’. The rifle …

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