RCBS Chargemaster Lite Review

When making precision hand loads, weighing individual powder loads can become extremely tiresome. The RCBS Chargemaster Lite has made reloading match ammo a whole lot easier.

The Chargemaster is a bench top electronic scale with a powder dispenser built in. Unboxing the kit and setting it up was easy with the included manual. They come with connectors for Australian and US power, so there are no problems for compatibility when ordering.

Calibrating the machine was a simple process of using the included check weights. In just a few minutes I was already weighing out powder for 400 cases of match ammo I was preparing for my Ruger Precision Rifle. The keypad for typing in grain weights, is backlit green when being used. This makes the display super clear and easy to read.

The Chargemaster Lite can dispense between 2 and 999 grains of powder in one tenth increments. The accuracy for the chargemaster Lite is +/- 0.1 grains. From the last 2000 rounds I have reloaded using it, only around four or five times has the machine been out by 0.1 grain. I have been really impressed with the reliability of the Chargemaster.

The quick drain function for the powder hopper is located on the right-hand side. Its common to see reloaders joke about accidentally leaving the drain open when filling it up with powder, spilling powder everywhere. So pro-tip if you purchase one, always make sure the drain is closed before pouring powder in. 

The dispenser has two modes, automatic and manual. Automatic mode is where the programmed powder weight will dispense every time the scale reads 0. In short, if you return an empty pan, it will automatically begin to fill it with the desired powder weight. The manual mode means the Chargemaster will only dispense the powder when you press the Go button. I use the machine in automatic mode, so I can pour the powder into a cartridge, return the pan and it automatically starts refilling the pan with powder.

The main difference between the RCBS Chargemaster Lite and the Chargemaster 1500 is the memory recall function. The 1500 is able to store different grain weights in its system to save time.Simply input the charge weight and press go. Overall the RCBS Chargemaster Lite adds speed, accuracy and efficiency to reloading.

You wont regret adding one to your reloading setup. For reloading precision ammunition this is a must have.

RCBS Chargemaster Lite