Kuiu Yukon Gaiters Review

If you have ever had wet socks and boots on a trip you quickly learn ways you can minimise this from being a frequent occurrence and that’s why I got a pair of the Kuiu Yukon gaiters. Pebbles and grass seeds sneaking their way into your boot can also lead you down path of researching gaiters. Gaiters are a popular item within the hiking and hunting community and help stop water and other items from seeping into your boots.

The Kuiu Yukon gaiters are made of sturdy material and from our experience stand out in two ways. Firstly, the strap that goes under the boot is made of some seriously strong material that isn’t going to get worn through and break. Secondly the gaiters have a fantastic fastening system at the top, so you can secure them and be sure they aren’t going to slip down your calf when in use.

As for their performance in snow, they recently spent hours in snowy conditions and kept our pants dry. Add these to your hunting kit if you are looking for a gaiter that gives you a waterproof element, are easy to put on, stay in place and due to their design will last years in tough environments.