Kuiu Ultralight Hunting Gear Reviews

Spending time hunting in harsh conditions means you will be exposed to some rough terrain and unforgiving weather. Plenty of brands offer gear and clothing designed to stand up to these conditions, however some are better designed for the task than others.

Back country and alpine hunting on foot forces you to consider every item being carried due to its weight and impact on your trip. Kuiu have found the perfect combination of well-designed gear together with ultralight weight. We have continually been impressed with the design and performance of Kuiu gear in the field. Their use of high-end waterproof and breathable materials as well as the synthetic down make them standout.

Kuiu stands behind their products and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Here we look at some of the gear we have used over the years, its features and how its best suited to different environments.

Kuiu Ultra Tiburon Hybrid Zip-T

Our favorite piece of hunting gear hands down is the Ultra Tiburon Hybrid Zip-t shirt. 

Being based in Queensland Australia the majority of our hunting takes place in hot and dry weather. This shirt features highly breathable ‘Dot Air’ material and does a great job of keeping you cool in the hottest conditions.

The shirt has a chest pocket which comes in handy for storing ear buds but could also fit a set of keys or a map.

The shirt weighs in a 156grams and is the lightest layer on offer from Kuiu. For hot conditions the 40+ UPF rating on this shirt makes it essential for our warm weather trips in the Australian Outback. 

For the warm weather hunters, we can’t recommend this shirt enough.

Checkout the Kuiu gear in action by the PrecisionRifle team.

Kuiu Storm Star 2P Tent taking on wild weather of the New Zealand Alps
Kuiu Super Down Pro Jacket and Pro Hat
Kuiu DCS Guide Set standing up to snow and rain.
Kuiu Tiburon Hybrid Zip-T Shirt, the go to in hot and humid conditions.

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