Kuiu Mud Boots Overview

Imagine the unforgiving landscape of a wet, cold, muddy hunting trip. You’re standing knee deep in wet mud, the sort of terrain that could easily slow you down to a crawl. The air is cold, the wind a brutal presence that cuts through to your bones. It’s the kind of environment that would make a …

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Best Tactical Watch 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Before looking at the best tactical watch, we need to know what differentiates a regular watch and a tactical watch. A tactical watch is when you need some extra’s that a regular watch just doesn’t have. The watches listed below have been carefully chosen for their distinct features that might be handy to Military, Law …

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Kuiu Pro Bino Harness Review

In the world of hunting, having reliable and well designed gear can make all the difference between success and disappointment. A crucial piece of equipment for hunting is a quality bino harness. Enter the Kuiu Pro Bino Harness, its been a popular choice in the hunting community and here we are going to find out …

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Montana Knife Company Speedgoat Review

There are plenty of hunting knives on offer with varying price points and quality, into the mix is the Montana Knife Company Speedgoat Fixed Blade, a knife that promises rugged durability with an overall lightweight design. As with any product, it’s essential to gauge its key features  and overall performance. With that in mind, lets …

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Kuiu Mountain Star 2-Person Tent Review

When it comes to choosing outdoor gear for back country hunting, there’s a balance between weight, portability and performance. The Kuiu Mountain Star 2-Person Tent has been a popular choice in the world of backpacking and hunting for its promise to deliver just that – an ultralight tent without compromising on durability. We’ll take a …

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The Ultimate Bipod for the Modern Marksman: Warne Skyline Precision Bipod Review

My bipods get a workout whether its hunting trips in the rugged New Zealand alps, long distance shooting in the harsh western Queensland outback or long days at the range for a competition shoot. Because of these challenging conditions I am always on the lookout for the latest gear that could make life a little …

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The Ultimate Hearing Pro Upgrade: Sordin Supreme Pro-X Review

One of the most important safety aspects of shooting is hearing protection. I make this a priority at the range by investing in some of the best hearing protection available and that’s why I picked up the latest Sordin Supreme Pro-X. Sordin Supreme Pro-X Vs Peltor Two of the most common higher-end electronic hearing protection …

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