8 Best Precision Rifles: A Look at the Top ‘Out of the Box’ Rifles

What are the best out of the box precision rifles? Here we have listed the best precision rifles in no particular order, with ‘out of the box’ meaning factory made, non custom built rifles. Our hope is to show you a range of different rifles with some heavy hitters up first in the lineup. Remember when selecting the right rifle for you, its important to have an idea of the caliber, weight and ease of use features that will suite your style of shooting.

Table of Contents

  1. Sako TRG 22 A1
  2. Accuracy International AX
  3. Barrett MRAD
  4. Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro
  5. Tikka TAC A1
  6. Christiensen Arms MPR
  7. Ruger Precision Rifle

Sako TRG 22 A1

The Finnish made Sako TRG series is a top choice as an out of the box precision rifle for many military sniper’s around the world. Looking at the Sako TRG 22 A1, there are alot of features packed into this rifle that make it such an attractive rifle to the long distance shooter. The adjustable cheek height, length of pull, butt pad height and built in tool kit make this a very user friendly. All tools needed to service the rifle are included within the rifle, stowed in the lower receiver and the bolt handle itself is used as the take down tool.

Sako TRG 22 A1

The action is smooth and the cold hammer forged barrel help achieve the renowned accuracy that Sako rifles are known for. The folding stock also helps make transportation a little easier. The Sako TRG 22 A1 also includes an adjustable trigger pull between 2-4 pounds and a full length Picatinny rail on top of the rifle which allows easy mounting of day and night optics.

Sako TRG 22 A1

Side mounting for accessories is made possible through the fore-end M-LOK system surrounding the barrel. If its within your budget you wont be disappointed in the performance of the TRG.

Quick Stats: Sako TRG 22 A1

Weight12.6lb / 5.7kg
Calibers260, 6.5, 308, 300WM, 338
Trigger Adjustment1.2-2.1 kg / 3-5 lbs
ColorsTungsten, Coyote, Graphite, Olive

Accuracy International AX

The Accuracy International AX series are a renowned precision rifle that have gained widespread recognition for their outstanding performance. The AX series come in both long and short actions and are designed to meet the demands of professional shooters, military personnel, and competition shooters. The AX is built tough and has features that allow users to consistently make hits at long distance.


The AX offers various customisation options for shooters to tailor the rifle to their specific needs. The caliber can be changed in minutes simply by changing the barrel using the hex key stored in the cheek piece. This is a great ease of use feature to occasionally measure the distance to the lands for reloading and to check the barrels rifling. The AX also includes an adjustable length of pull, cheek piece height, and butt pad length, ensuring optimal ergonomics for the shooter.


The Accuracy International AX continues to deliver outstanding accuracy and consistency to users around the world. Whether its for precision shooting competitions, or military applications, the AX is a top tier precision rifle. Its smooth bolt, crisp trigger, barrel quality and caliber conversions do come with a higher price tag, however I highly doubt you will be disappointed with this purchase.

Quick Stats: Accuracy International AX

Weight13.7lb / 6.2Kg
Calibers6mm, 6.5, 308, 338, 300WM
ColorsDark Earth, Green, Brown, Sand, Midnight

Barrett MRAD

The Barrett MRAD or Multi-Role Adaptive Design is a highly regarded precision rifle from a company with a long history of producing exceptional long distance rifles. Barrett are well known for their rifles versatility, accuracy, and reliability. The MRAD was first launched in 2013 to meet the requirements of the US Special Operations Command Precision Sniper Rifle, and as such is built to perform to life in the field.

Barrett MRAD

The MRAD rifle is built with a modular design, allowing for easy interchangeability between calibers. Caliber conversions are easily made by loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench. Similar to the TRG and AI the MRAD also features a full-length Picatinny rail on top and a folding stock.

Barett MRAD

The MRAD’s smooth bolt, crisp trigger, and a reliable feeding system, ensure consistent and reliable performance. With its reputation for accuracy, adaptability, and reliability, the Barrett MRAD has become a popular choice for long distance shooters, and if you don’t mind the weight and length, this is a professional rifle to consider.

Quick Stats: Barrett MRAD

Weight6kg / 13.3 lbs
Calibers6.5, 308, 300WM, 300 PRC, 300NM, 338,
Trigger Adjustment3-5lb
ColorsBlack, Tungsten, FDE, Coyote

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

Daniel Defense launched the Delta 5 in 2019, which was their first bolt gun at the time. A few refinements later and the Delta 5 Pro landed in 2020. Priced to fit into the production division of PRS, the Delta 5 Pro features a free floating threaded cold hammer forged barrel.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

The Delta 5 Pro is built on a well built aluminum chassis, providing a solid and stable platform. The chassis is designed for modularity, allowing shooters to customise their setup with various accessories and attachments to suit their shooting preferences.

The rifle includes a smooth and reliable bolt action, offering an adjustable trigger. The stock allows shooters to find their preferred length of pull and cheek rest height, ensuring a comfortable position behind the rifle.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

With its excellent price point, quality barrel, action and chassis, the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro has gained recognition as a good out of the box precision rifle. It’s a popular choice for competitive shooters providing great value for money. The only downside is the limited caliber options currently available.

Quick Stats: Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

Weight11.7 lbs / 5.3kg
Calibers6mm, 6.5, 308,
Trigger Adjustment1.5 to 4lbs
ColorsBlack, OD, Coyote

Tikka TAC A1

Popular at the rifle range the Tikka TAC A1 achieves the balance of price vs performance, making it a highly regarded out of the box precision rifle. Produced by Tikka, a reputable Finnish firearm manufacturer, the TAC A1 is designed for long range precision shooting and tactical applications.

Tikka TAC A1

The rifle features a cold hammer forged, threaded free floating barrel, which is a major factor in its consistent accuracy. The chassis features a folding stock machined from aluminum with a Kydex cheek comb. The TAC A1 is more than capable of performing next to other systems mentioned above that come in at double the price point.

The TAC A1 incorporates a smooth and reliable action, crisp adjustable trigger at a more affordable price. The stock allows shooters to customise the length of pull, cheek rest height, and recoil pad position.

Tikka TAC A1

The Tikka TAC A1 is highly regarded for its accuracy and reliability, making it a popular choice among precision shooters and professionals seeking a high performing rifle for long distance shooting.

Quick Stats: Tikka TAC A1

Weight11.2lb / 5.1 kg
Calibers223, 260, 308, 6.5
Trigger Adjustment2-4 lbs
ColorsBlack, Coyote

Christiensen Arms MPR

The Christiensen Arms MPR or Modern Precision Rifle is a highly regarded rifle manufactured by Christiensen Arms, a company known for its innovation, mostly due the founder Dr. Jason Christensen who started out making rocket fuselages and aircraft parts. For an out of the box rife the MPR stands out as a good precision rifle due to its practical weight and wide range of caliber choices.

Christiensen Arms MPR

The MPR boasts a modern design, including a 20 MOA Picatinny rail on top, folding stock and ease of use through its adjustable length of pull and cheek height, ensuring a good fit for each shooter.

Christiensen Arms MPR

The MRP edges towards a good all round, do it all type of rifle where its caliber choices and low weight open up lots of possibilities. Its sleek design and reliable performance make it a good choice if you are seeking a top long distance rifle and weight is a major consideration.

Quick Stats: Christiensen Arms MPR

Weight8.9lb / 4.05kg
Calibers223, 6mm, 6.5 CRD, 6.5 PRC, 6.8,
7mm, 308, 300WIN, 300 PRC, 338
Trigger Adjustment1.5-4 lbs
ColorsBlack, Desert Brown, Tungsten

Ruger Precision Rifle

I started my precision shooting journey with a Ruger Precision Rifle in .308. The Ruger was first launched in 2015 and comes packed full of features at an affordable price for a rifle straight out of the box. The chassis system the Ruger brings to the table made it easy for shooters to enter precision rifle matches without any major modifications to the rifle.

Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger offer the Precision Rifle in a variety of calibers in both short and long action to cater for different applications and shooters preferences. The Ruger is a great platform for magnum calibers due to its weight which helps mitigate recoil from the bigger calibers. The bolt is a three-lug style and has a 70-degree throw. The rear of the bolt holds a take-down Allan key which is used to adjust the trigger weight. With three lugs the bolt feels solid when engaged and it smooth when cycling rounds.

Ruger Precision Rifle

The rifle is incredibly accurate for the price point. It can easily achieve sub MOA accuracy with quality factory ammunition or hand loads. In 500 meter shoots, my Ruger Precision Rifle had no problems repeatedly scoring hits on 5” gongs. Overall the Ruger Precision Rifle is an impressive choice for an entry into the precision rifle world. It is a complete package out of the box that offers an affordable choice.

Quick Stats: Ruger Precision Rifle

Weight10.7lb / 4.8kg
Length43.25″ – 46.75″
Calibers223, 6.5, 6mm, 243, 338, 300WM, 300PRC
Trigger Adjustment2.25-5 lb
ColorsBlack, Tan


The lineup in the SIG SAUER CROSS range has expanded with the inclusion of the new STX model. The original CROSS rifle released in 2020 with a 16” and 18” barrel variant. In 2022 the PRS model was added, and boasts a longer 24” barrel. Now there is another tactical variant, the CROSS STX. The STX features a 20” barrel, 20 MOA full length rail and a QD flash hider.


The new Cross STX from SIG SAUER takes in a lot of details of the PRS model such as the thumb rest safety selector and PRS-style grip but with a lighter overall weight.

For those unfamiliar with the SIG CROSS rifle, since its release in 2020 the rifle has built a reputation for being a good all round out of the box rifle. The smooth bolt, accuracy and overall performance have made it a solid factory rifle for sports shooters and hunters.

Quick Stats: SIG CROSS STX

Weight7.7lb / 3.51kg
Length41.5 in / 1054.1 mm
Calibers6.5, 308
Trigger Adjustment2.5-4 lb



Sako TRG 22 A1

Great ergonomics, easy to shoot


Accuracy International AX

Time proven and battle tested, the AI is hard to beat


Barrett MRAD

Another great option built like a battleship


Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

Good quality, reliable, easy to use


Tikka TAC A1

Loaded with features, great for competitions


Christiensen Arms MPR

A lightweight and reliable modern precision rifle


Ruger Precision Rifle

Cheaper than the Tikka TAC A1 but brings alot of features to keep up



Affordable and lightweight, would also suit hunting

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