ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 TREMOR3 Review

Last updated on October 9th, 2023

After 6 weeks with the new Japanese made ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 it’s time to see what features are included and how it’s performed. To test its performance I mounted the scope on my long distance rifle, the Sako TRG 22 A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor to see how well the tracking worked and how the glass performed.

Sako TRG and ZeroTech Trace Advanced

ZeroTech optics are close to home for me, with ZeroTech being an Australian owned company. Another great factor about them is that all ZeroTech scopes come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable between owners.


The scope has an excellent build quality which you would expect for the price range. The overall fit and finish of the scope is well done and in line with other high end premium optics that I have been fortunate to use. 

Image from ZeroTech

The magnification ring has the right amount of tension and the included removable magnification throw lever is a great addition. The magnification range of 4-24 is the standard magnification range for long distance shooting and is comparable to PRS style optics such as the Kahles K525i where lower power settings are used more frequently. 

Sako TRG and ZeroTech Trace Advanced

The parallax adjustment on the left side of the scope is stiff but not too stiff ensuring bumps wont accidentally change the setting, the low minimum parallax adjustment distance of 20m is another great feature beating some other competitors. The inclusion of ZT branded Tenebraex scope covers is another nice addition, as I often find myself purchasing these on top of the cost of a new optic. For those unfamiliar with Tenebraex scope covers, they are the best money can buy and far superior to the common Butler Creek style caps.

Image from ZeroTech

Surprisingly the optic weighs in at only 790g/27.8oz, making it one of the lightest long distance shooting scopes on the market. The weigh of an optic is a big factor to consider when its combined with the weight of your rifle. For physically active competitions or when you have to carry your rifle hunting on foot, a lighter scope and rifle setup can reduce fatigue.


The glass is superb and equal to that of other high end optics I have used, with no signs of chromatic aberration observed at all magnifications. The contrast is good and colours look true to life. The glass does appear high resolution and the time I have spent behind it, its on par with top tier premium glass.

To ensure it holds up in all weather and doesn’t fog up, the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 is argon purged and all lenses feature a weather-shield coating.


The option of the TREMOR3 reticle is a huge draw card for long distance and PRS competitors. The scope is also available with the illuminated RMG reticle, both are glass etched and in the first focal plane.

If you prefer to use hold-overs, the RMG and TREMOR3 reticles are packed with features for the long distance shooter. Using hold-overs can be a quicker alternative to dialing windage and elevation changes on the turrets. I love using the TREMOR 3 reticle in particular and enjoy being able to quickly change distances and make windage adjustments by simply using the comprehensive hash-marks and wind dots.

I also use more simple reticles for other applications but for rapid changes in distances and quick wind holdovers, you can’t beat the TREMOR3. Its great to see an Australian owned company that can compete against other high end optics manufacturers by offering world class reticles to users.


The scope features a capped windage turret and exposed elevation turret. Turret numbers are a good size being easy to read and not too small. The inclusion of the .5 MIL numbering is a great feature to help you dial onto the correct spot. Turret clicks are an important feature for me, as mushy clicks can really ruin the overall feel of a scope. However, the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 turret clicks are tactile, audible and satisfying to use.

ZeroTech RMG Reticle

10 MIL per revolution in the elevation turret is a good range in line with other top tier optics. The total elevation is 23 MIL and a total of 20 MIL for windage. Several trips to the range testing rapid changes in elevation and windage shows that it tracks well and no issues in point of impact have been observed.


All-in-all the ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4-24×50 has been a pleasure to use with sharp, clear glass and great turrets. The ease of use and high quality means that it will find a permanent spot on one of my bolt action rifles. Its lightweight construction and capped windage turret mean that it could even end up on a hunting rifle in the near future. The scope is well worth the savings compared to similar options and I’m looking forward to spending more time with this scope throughout the new year.

ZeroTech Trace Advanced


Focal PlaneFirst (FFP)
Reticle calibrated magnification power (SFP only)N/A
Magnification Range4-24x
Objective Lens Diameter50mm
Maintube Diameter30mm
Zero StopYes
Turret Index Value0.1 MRAD
Internal Elevation Adjustment23 MRAD
Internal Windage Adjustment20 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment Range20 Meters – Infinity
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 8.6mm; High: 2.1mm
Eye Relief92mm
Field Of View @100 MetersLow:9.7m; High: 1.6m
Objective Outer Diameter59mm
Ocular Outer Diameter43.6mm
Available ReticlesRMG (Illuminated) & TREMOR3

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