Rifle Spotlight – Victrix Venus PRO

Italian firearm manufacturer Victrix are known for offering a range of high end and well thought out sporting and tactical rifles, which now includes the Victrix Venus PRO in their line up. Victrix rifles are rare to see at the range here in Aus but they catch the eye on the firing line when one …

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Optics Spotlight – Maven RS.4 Review [5-30x56mm]

My favorite aspect of Maven Optics is the high contrast Japanese glass used in their optics range. For those unfamiliar, Maven are a Wyoming based company who are truly underrated in the optics world. Of late they are becoming more popular amongst the sporting and hunting community, especially here in Australia. Maven are a direct …

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The Best Nightforce Scope

When it comes to high end optics on the line at the shooting range, you will be hard pressed not seeing a Nightforce scope. Spanning several decades, Nightforce has earned a reputation for producing high performance optics tailored to meet the needs of military, sporting shooters and hunters alike. Below, we will look into the range of Nightforce …

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Rifle Spotlight: Victrix Venus X

Italian firearm manufacturer Victrix offer a range of well thought out sporting and tactical rifles. Their rifles are rarely seen at the shooting range in Aus but they catch the eye with their sleek design on the line when one shows up. If you are a serious competition shooter the attention to detail and proven …

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Discovery Optics ED-PRS 5-25×56 FFP Review

New shooters often look for optics with high value at a low price point. That’s where budget optics have a role to play in the long distance shooting community.  Discovery Optics sent out the ED-PRS 5-25×56 which fits this category and has great value to offer for the budget minded shooter. Retailing at the $399 …

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Optic Spotlight: New Tangent Theta 7-35×56

Tangent Theta Long Range Precision Optics have announced the new 7-35×56 high-end rifle scope designed for long-range shooting. It was first shown off at ShotShow 2023 as a new addition to the Tangent Theta line of rifle scopes, which are known for their exceptional optical quality and rugged construction. The Tangent Theta made our 2023 …

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Optics Spotlight: Scandinavian Arms LRS 5-25×56

Scandinavian Arms have teamed up with Schmidt & Bender to produce a cheaper version of the gold standard in optics, the 5-25×56 PM II. The new optic called the LRS, or Light Recoil Scope was first unveiled in Germany at the IWA 2023 exhibition. Schmidt & Bender PM II’s are one of the most renowned …

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