Best Rifle Scope In 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Last updated on July 22nd, 2024

Lets dive into the world of precision rifle scopes. When you’re hunting for the best rifle scope on the market, there are a few critical elements to consider. Firstly the quality of the glass is paramount, you need optics that are clear enough to help identify the target. Then there’s the magnification range, does it have enough zoom to see the target? The field of view is also crucial, you need to see the field, not just a postage stamp. And of course, construction quality, because your scope should be tougher than a pair of hunting boots.

In the ever evolving field of premium optics, these factors ensure you get the most out of your rifle scope. This helps make shots that are as precise as can be. Below, we’ve narrowed down the eight best rifle scopes available to long range shooters in 2024. Whether you’re into competition shooting or tactical applications, this list has got you covered. And as new optics hit the market, we’ll keep this list updated. So, let’s get started and find you a scope that will suit your rifle.

Best Long Range Rifle Scope: Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×56

Best rifles scopes Long Range Shooting Scopes

The Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×56, a scope that’s nothing short of the benchmark in the optics world. I have been running a PM II for over a year now. I liked it when I got it and 12 months later I love it. Made in Germany, this scope is the latest release of the Police and Military ‘PM’ II series. A series renowned for their durability and precision.

First off, the PM II series has always been a favourite among military snipers, and with the 2022 update, Schmidt & Bender have shown they are committed to refining their optics. For starters, they’ve integrated the illumination dial into the parallax adjustment. A move that streamlines its function and makes for a cleaner design. The traditionally bulky elevation turrets have been slimmed down. This aligns more with what you’d expect from other high end tactical scopes.

Weighing in at 940 grams, it’s solid but not overly heavy. At 390mm in length with a robust 34mm tube, this scope is sized well for serious shooting. The 6-36x magnification range is ideal for medium to extreme long range shooting. Making the S&B one of the best rifle scopes for those who demand precision over long distances. The parallax adjustment starts at 20 meters and goes to infinity. With this range you can focus on your target no matter the range.

Best rifles scopes Long Range Shooting Scopes

The scope features several turret options like the DT27, DT35, DT II+, and MT II. Each providing different levels of elevation and windage adjustments, giving shooters the flexibility to tailor their setup to their specific needs. These turrets are known for their tactile feedback and precision, making adjustments smooth and accurate.

The optical clarity of the PM II is superb. With a light transmission rate exceeding 90%, ensuring bright and clear images even in low light conditions. This is complemented by a wide field of view, allowing for excellent detail recognition and situational awareness. The scope is also waterproof up to 3 meters and can operate in extreme temperatures, from -46°C to +61°C. This range is perfect for use in the most brutal environments.

Lastly, the scope offers a choice of reticles including the P5FL, GR²ID, and the newly introduced TR²ID. Each well thought out and designed for long distance precision shooting. These reticles provide different options, allowing for quick target acquisition and accurate shot placement. In summary, the Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×56 is a high performance scope that combines military grade durability with exceptional optical quality. This makes it a top contender for the best rifle scope in its class. Whether you’re a professional sniper, a competitive shooter, or an avid long distance hunter, this scope is designed to meet the most demanding requirements you can think of.

Quick Stats: Schmidt & Bender PM II

Glass Germany
Magnification Range6-36×56
Eye Relief90mm/3.54in
Diopter-3 to +2
Parallax Adjustment20 m to ∞

Schmidt and bender PM 2

Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×56

Best Precision Rifle Competition Scope: Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56

best rifle scope long-range shooting scopes

The Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56, a scope that’s as robust and reliable as a Toyota diesel engine. While the Nightforce B.E.A.S.T has retired from the scene, the ATACR steps in as the heavyweight champion of long-range optics. Firstly, this scope is built very tough, featuring a sturdy 34mm tube and weighing in at a hefty 39.3 ounces (1113 grams). It’s 16 inches long (406mm), so it’s not exactly a lightweight, but the payoff is in its rock solid build and high performance.

The magnification range is a large 7-35x, making it one of the best rifle scopes for reaching out to extreme distances. The internal adjustment range is 100 MOA (29 MRAD) for elevation and 60 MOA (17 MRAD) for windage, ensuring you can dial in those long shots with precision. The parallax adjustment starts at a close 11 yards and stretches out to infinity, perfect for any shooting scenario.

best rifle scope long-range shooting scopes

The ATACR is also equipped with Nightforce’s DigIllum digital illumination, offering both red and green options with multiple brightness settings, This helps you see your reticle in any light condition. The ZeroStop feature allows you to return to your original zero effortlessly. No matter how many adjustments you’ve made during your shoot. The power throw lever, which comes standard, makes magnification changes swift and seamless, a crucial feature for dynamic shooting scenarios.

Optical clarity is another area where the ATACR excels. The extra-low dispersion (ED) glass ensures that images remain sharp and clear, even at the maximum magnification of 35x. The field of view is impressive as well, offering 15 feet at 7x and 3.4 feet at 35x at 100 yards, giving you a broad view of your target area. The scope also features a range of reticle options, including the MIL-C, TReMoR3, MOAR, and H59, catering to different preferences. The tactile and audible turrets provide precise adjustments, making it a joy to use in competitive and tactical environments.

In conclusion, the Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 is a formidable choice for those seeking the best rifle scope for long range precision. Its combination of robust construction, extensive magnification, and superior optical clarity make it a top contender in the high stakes world of long distance shooting.

Quick Stats: Nightforce ATACR

Glass Japan
Magnification Range7-35×56
Eye Relief91mm/3.6in
Elevation 100MOA/29MRAD
Parallax Adjustment11 yd – ∞

Best Value Long Distance Scope: Vortex Razor Gen III 6-36×56

Best rifle scopes Long Range Shooting Scopes

Let’s take a look at the Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36×56, a scope that’s been making waves in the long range community for its great combination of features and affordability. If you’re searching for the best rifle scope that won’t completely drain your bank account, this might just be it.

First off, the Gen III Razor brings a significant upgrade in magnification range, stretching from 6x to a whopping 36x. This is a noticeable step up from its predecessor, the Vortex Razor Gen II, and puts it in a whole new league for long distance work. The scope boasts a 56mm objective lens. Combine this with Vortex’s high quality Japanese glass and fully multi coated lenses, ensures incredibly bright and clear images across all magnification levels. Even at the highest zoom, the clarity remains uncompromised, making it perfect for picking out targets way downrange.

best rifle scope long-range shooting scopes

One of the standout features of the Gen III Razor is its Zero Stop System. Unlike other scopes that require you to fiddle with multiple screws, this one only needs a single set screw to zero. This makes adjustments straightforward and user friendly. This feature is a game changer, especially in competitive scenarios where quick, precise adjustments are crucial.

The EBR-7D reticle, available in both MOA and MRAD variants, is another highlight. This reticle is designed for rapid holdovers and provides a clean sight picture. There is also ample wind holds and ranging information in the retivle, an essential for competition shooters. The locking turrets are both tactile and audible, ensuring you know exactly how many clicks you’ve made. They lock in place with a simple push down, preventing accidental adjustments.

In terms of build quality, the Razor Gen III is as tough as they come. It’s constructed with a hard anodized Stealth Shadow finish and Armortek coating to protect against scratches and debris. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof, making it reliable in the harshest conditions. The parallax adjustment starts at a mere 10 yards, making it versatile for both close range and long range shooting. The main downside is its weight. At 45 ounces (1,275 grams), it’s the heaviest scope on the list, which might be a consideration if you’re planning to lug it around on long hunts. However, the trade-off for this weight is a feature-packed, durable scope that delivers top-tier performance. In summary, the Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36×56 offers a wealth of premium features at a price point that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or someone looking to upgrade your long-range setup, this scope delivers exceptional value and performance.

Quick Stats: Vortex Razor Gen III

Glass Japan
Magnification 6-36×56
Eye Relief89mm/3.5in
Parallax Adjustment10m – ∞

Latest Premium Long Range Scope: Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×56

Best rifle scope

The Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×56, a scope that’s quickly making a name for itself in the upper echelons of the best rifle scopes. Founded in 2018, Zero Compromise Optics has been turning heads with their robust construction and high-quality glass. This has let to them gaining a solid following among sporting shooters and hunters globally.

Now, let’s talk about the ZC840. This scope is a beast with a magnification range of 8-40x, putting it right at the top for long-distance shooting. The 56mm objective lens ensures you get an incredibly bright and clear image, even at higher magnifications. The optical system boasts an impressive 92% light transmission, which is crucial for low-light conditions.

best rifle scope

The build quality is, as the name suggests, without compromise. The 36mm tube not only adds to the durability but also allows for substantial internal adjustments. You’ve got a whopping 28 MILs of elevation and 12 MILs of windage adjustment at your disposal. This is complemented by very audible and precise turrets. They lock securely to prevent accidental adjustments, a feature that’s both practical and satisfying.

Parallax adjustment on the ZC840 starts at a close 10 meters and goes all the way to infinity. This ensures versatility across various shooting scenarios. At 440mm long and weighing in at 1175 grams (41.4 ounces), it’s one of the larger scopes on the list. But this is justified by the massive capabilities it packs. The illuminated reticle is available in both red and green, with several reticle options like the MPCT1, MPCT2, MPCT3, MOA, and Tremor 5. Each of these are designed for different shooting preferences. This customization, along with the high-quality glass and robust build, makes the ZC840 a strong contender for anyone serious about long-range precision shooting.

In summary, the Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×56 is a high magnification scope that delivers on every front. From build quality to optical performance. If you’re in the market for the best rifle scope that money can buy, this one should be a top contender.

Quick Stats: Zero Compromise ZC840

Glass Austria
Magnification Range8-40×56
Eye Relief89mm/3.54in
Parallax Adjustment15m – ∞

Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×56

Most Innovative Long Range Scope: Kahles K525i DLR 5-25×56

best rifle scope

The Kahles K525i DLR 5-25×56, a scope that’s making waves in the world of dynamic long-range shooting. Kahles has taken their century-plus of experience and poured it into this beauty. They have made a scope that’s as innovative as it is practical. Firmly placing it in the conversation for the best rifle scope on the market.

First, let’s talk about that curious enlarged wheel under the elevation turret. It’s the parallax adjustment, brilliantly placed for intuitive and on the fly adjustments. This kind of practical design is why the K525i DLR stands out in the crowd. Whether you’re mid competition or in a tactical scenario, being able to tweak your parallax without losing your sight picture is a massive advantage. Customization is another feather in its cap. You can order the windage turret on the left or right side, depending on your preference. This might seem like a minor detail, but for those who spend hours behind the scope, it makes a world of difference. The K525i DLR also features the unique TWIST GUARD windage system, which prevents accidental adjustments, ensuring your settings stay put.

Best rifle scope

Now, onto the optical performance. The K525i DLR boasts high quality glass that delivers stunning clarity and a wide field of view. I had the pleasure of testing this scope alongside the Steiner, Schmidt & Bender, and Vortex Razor. The Kahles held its own with high contrast images and zero chromatic aberration at all magnification levels. The field of view is particularly impressive, giving you a broad perspective that’s crucial for quickly locating and engaging targets. This scope isn’t just about looking good; it’s built to perform. It includes a throw lever for rapid magnification changes and turrets with extra-large numbers for easy reading under pressure. The precision and reliability of these turrets are backed by professionals. Like Shannon Kay from K&M Precision Rifle Training, who helped design the versatile SKMR4 reticle used in this model.

Weighing in at 35.1 ounces and featuring a 34mm tube, the K525i DLR is rugged yet manageable, balancing durability with functionality. It’s optimized for fast-action competitions but equally at home in any long-range shooting discipline. The illumination system is top-notch, ensuring visibility in all lighting conditions, and the scope is built to handle extreme environments with ease. In summary, the Kahles K525i DLR 5-25×56 is a marvel of modern optics engineering. Its innovative features, coupled with high quality components and practical design, make it an irresistible choice for serious shooters. If you’re looking for the best rifle scope, the K525i DLR should be at the top of your list.

Quick Stats: Kahles K525i

Glass Austria
Magnification Range5-25×56
Eye Relief94mm/3.74in
Parallax Adjustment20m – ∞

Military Snipers Favorite Scope: Steiner M7Xi 4-28×56

best rifle scope

The Steiner M7Xi 4-28×56, a scope that’s as robust as a tank and just as reliable. Steiner, a name synonymous with battlefield ready optics, have crafted this beauty to endure harsh conditions. Now, don’t let the slightly lower magnification range of 4-28x fool you. This scope is every bit as formidable as its higher magnification counterparts, if not more so.

One of the standout features of the M7Xi is its selection of reticles. These aren’t just any reticles, they’re some of the best tactical styles available. These reticles are a favorite among target shooters and military snipers alike. Whether you prefer the MSR2 or G2B Mil-Dot, Steiner has you covered with options that enhance versatility in the field. Another brilliant aspect of the M7Xi is its elevation turret. It includes a small revolution indicator that pops up on the second rotation. This nifty feature ensures you always know where you are with your adjustments. Especially useful when you’re dialing in on a target quickly.

Physically, the M7Xi is a beast. It measures 15.2 inches in length and weighs in at 33.5 ounces (949 grams), striking a good balance between heft and manageability. This weight gives you confidence in its durability that it’s built to take a hit and keep on working. The parallax adjustment starts at 50 meters, which is a bit higher than some other scopes in its class, but this is a minor quibble given its other strengths. The M7Xi is nitrogen filled to ensure it remains fog free under varying temperatures and humid conditions. It’s also waterproof, making it a reliable choice in any weather. This ruggedness is why it’s so popular with military snipers around the world, it’s designed to perform when it matters most.

best rifle scope

In summary, the Steiner M7Xi 4-28×56 is a top tier option for those seeking the best rifle scope. Its superior glass quality, practical features, solid construction, and battlefield-proven reputation make it an exceptional choice for precision shooters and snipers. If you need a scope that won’t let you down, the M7Xi is the one to beat.

Quick Stats: Steiner M7Xi

Glass Germany
Magnification Range4-28×56
Eye Relief87mm/3.43in
Parallax Adjustment50m – ∞

American Favorite: Leupold Mark 5 HD 7-35×56

Best rifle scope

The Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56, a scope that’s setting new standards in the long range shooting arena. Leupold are a titan in the optics world, and have built their reputation on creating extremely reliable scopes. Hunters and sports shooters alike rave about these American made marvels, and the Mark 5HD stands as their long distance flagship. With a sturdy 35mm maintube, the Mark 5HD lays down the foundation for an optical system that’s built to perform. The magnification range is a beastly 7-35x, making it perfect for those far reaching shots. Whether you’re a competition shooter or a dedicated hunter, this scope brings the power and clarity needed to see your target clearly at great distances.

Best rifle scope

One of the standout features for me is the variety of reticles on offer. From the intricate Tremor3, perfect for competition shooting with its detailed holdovers, to simpler, less obstructive reticles for those who prefer turret dialing. Leupold has you covered here and this flexibility means you can tailor the scope to your specific needs, making it a versatile choice for various shooting disciplines. The locking turret button on the Mark 5HD is a stroke of genius. Unlike other scopes where you have to lift the turret to make adjustments, here you press a small button to unlock it. This ensures that any changes to elevation are intentional and not the result of accidental bumps. It’s a feature that brings peace of mind, knowing your settings are locked in place.

The Mark 5HD also impresses with its weight, or rather the lack of it. Despite its robust build and high performance, it’s relatively lightweight, making it a great option for long-range hunting where every ounce matters. The optical clarity is superb, with edge-to-edge sharpness and excellent light transmission, ensuring you can spot your target in low-light conditions. In summary, the Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35×56 is a top contender for the best rifle scope title. It combines high performance, rugged reliability, and user-friendly features in a package that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re on the competitive circuit or out in the wild, this scope is designed to deliver exceptional results every time. For a deeper dive into its capabilities, check out our full review of the Leupold Mark 5HD.

Quick Stats: Leupold Mark 5 HD

Glass USA
Magnification Range7-35×56
Eye Relief96mm/3.8in
Parallax Adjustment50y – ∞

Best Scope Turrets: Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm

Best rifle scope

The Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm, a scope that has some die hard fans in the precision rifle community and is an easy contender for one of the best rifle scopes out there. This beauty is revered among precision rifle competitors in the US for its wide field of view and exceptional glass quality. But what really sets it apart from the pack? Let’s break it down. First, those turrets. Tangent Theta arguably boasts the most satisfying turrets on the market. They are tactile, precise, and feature a Tool-Less Re-Zero system. This innovative mechanism allows you to set your zero without the need for tools, simplifying adjustments in the field. The elevation turret also includes a pop-up revolution indicator to keep you on track with your adjustments.

The scope’s magnification range of 5-25x is ideal for most long range shooting scenarios, offering flexibility whether you’re up close or reaching out to extreme distances. It features a 34mm tube and a large 56mm objective lens, ensuring optimal light transmission and clarity. The parallax adjustment starts at 50 meters and extends to infinity, making it versatile for various distances. One of the standout features is the double-turn elevation turret with a rev indicator, providing a total adjustment range of 30 MRAD (103 MOA) for elevation and +/-10 MRAD (34 MOA) for windage. Adjustments are made in precise 0.1 MRAD or 0.25 MOA increments, ensuring you can dial in with absolute precision. The scope also includes 11 illumination settings, catering to different lighting conditions.

Long range scope

Additionally, the Tangent Theta comes equipped with a Tenebraex Kill Flash (Anti-Reflection Device), enhancing stealth by reducing reflections from the objective lens. The build quality is robust, designed to withstand harsh environments. It’s made in Canada and they are known for high standards in optical manufacturing. In summary, the Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm is a finely crafted piece of optical engineering. Its exceptional turrets, wide field of view, and robust construction make it a top choice for serious long-distance shooters. Whether you’re dialing in for a competition or taking precise shots in the field, this scope delivers on every front. If you’re on the hunt for the best rifle scope, the Tangent Theta is a top contender that won’t disappoint.

Quick Stats: Tangent Theta

Glass Canada
Magnification Range5-25×56
Eye Relief88mm/3.5in
Parallax Adjustment50m – ∞

Considerations When Looking for the Best Rifle Scope

You will no doubt have specific features you are chasing in an optic, whether its magnification range, long eye relief or a specific price point. The tables below list out common specifications that are most important to users when selecting an optic including price comparison, glass quality, magnification range, weight and eye relief range.

Price Comparison When Looking For The Best Rifle Scope

Firstly, consider the financial outlay when purchasing a high end rifle scope. The price is intricately linked to various performance characteristics such as the quality of the glass, the manufacturing quality and reliability of the adjustments in the turrets. When shooting long distance in this price range it’s essential to align your budget with your specific needs.

For instance, if your long range shooting and exceeding 1000 yards in low light, a premium scope with quality components in this price range helps enormously. There are some substantial differences in prices of these scopes. The Vortex Razor is at least 2,000 USD cheaper than the Schmidt & Bender PM II. It might not have the quality of glass as the PM II but the Razor is still a very capable premium optic.

Best rifle scope
Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×565,500+ USD
Nightforce ATACR 7-35×563,000+ USD
Vortex Razor Gen III 6-36×562,999 USD
Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×564,000+ USD
Kahles K525i DLR 5-25×563,499+ USD
Steiner M7Xi 4-28×563,600+ USD
Leupold Mark 5 HD 7-35×562,600+ USD
Tangent Theta 5-25×565,000+ USD

If you are eyeing off premium optics and don’t mind a couple of scope ring marks, there are option. You can sometimes score these optics as ex showroom demo’s. You can save a few hundred by checking out EuroOptics Showroom Demo’s here.

Glass Quality on High End Rifle Scopes

The price of a rifle scope is closely tied to the quality of the glass used in its optics. With higher quality glass typically comes a higher price point. A general rule of thumb when budgeting for a rifle scope is to allocate a similar amount to what you spent on the rifle itself. While not a strict guideline, it provides a useful reference for balancing your investment between the rifle and the scope.

Optical lenses used in scopes receive various coatings to enhance light transmission and contrast, which can influence the optic’s total cost. There are four categories of lens coatings however the optics featured here are premium rifle scopes and are all equipped with fully multi-coated lenses.

The table below illustrates the origin of the glass used in each scope. For many buyers of premium optics, the manufacturing origin of the glass carries alot of weight. These top tier scopes have earned their place on the “best scopes list” due to their exceptional glass quality, which is reflected in the esteemed reputation of the countries listed below. German and Austrian glass, renowned as some of the best in the world, commands a higher price point, as evident in the table.

Schmidt & Bender PM IIGermany
Nightforce ATACRJapan
Vortex Razor Gen IIIJapan
Zero Compromise ZC840Austria
Kahles K525i DLRAustria
Steiner M7XiGermany
Leupold Mark 5USA
Tangent Theta Canada

Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scope

Magnification Ranges on Premium Rifle Scopes

While magnification ranges vary among the different manufacturers, each optic offered here is capable of reaching distances beyond 1000 yards, making them suitable for long range shooting. All scopes offered here also feature a large objective lens of 56mm, which effectively captures light and helps deliver a crisp image.

Schmidt & Bender PM II6-36×56
Nightforce ATACR7-35×56
Vortex Razor Gen III6-36×56
Zero Compromise ZC8408-40×56
Kahles K525i DLR5-25×56
Steiner M7Xi4-28×56
Leupold Mark 57-35×56
Tangent Theta 5-25×56

Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scope

Weight of the Best Long Distance Rifle Scopes

There is a spread of weights between them on the list with the Vortex Razor III being the heaviest and the Mark 5HD the lightest. The weight of an optic becomes very important if you are spending a lot of time on foot where the weight of the rifle combined with the weight of the bipod and the optic can become a burden. When looking for the best rifle scope for you, choose an optic with a weight that combined with your rifle will best suit your style of shooting.

Best rifles scope Long Range Shooting Scopes
Schmidt & Bender PM II995g/35.1oz
Nightforce ATACR1113g/39.3oz
Vortex Razor Gen III1278g/45.1oz
Zero Compromise ZC8401148g/40.5oz
Kahles K525i DLR992g/35.0oz
Steiner M7Xi949g/33.5oz
Leupold Mark 5935g/33oz
Tangent Theta 1155g/40.7oz

Eye Relief On High End Scopes

Eye relief refers to the distance between the eyepiece of a rifle scope and the shooter’s eye, ensuring an undistorted, full field of view. It is a crucial aspect of rifle scopes, particularly for users who wear glasses, as it directly impacts usability. Sufficient eye relief is essential for comfortable shooting, enabling a natural and relaxed head and eye position. This becomes especially significant during extended periods at the range. Inadequate eye relief can result in a narrowed field of view, hindering the ability to effectively track and aim at targets.

Therefore, selecting a scope with the appropriate eye relief is paramount for ensuring a comfortable and precise shooting experience. Most of the optics have a very similar eye relief with only the Kahles and Leupold standing out from the pack with larger ranges. If you wear glasses you may be suited to an optic with a little more eye relief.

Best rifles scope Long Range Shooting Scopes
Schmidt & Bender PM II90mm/3.54in
Nightforce ATACR91mm/3.6in
Vortex Razor Gen III89mm/ 3.5in
Zero Compromise ZC84089mm/3.54in
Kahles K525i DLR94mm/3.74in
Steiner M7Xi87mm/3.43in
Leupold Mark 596mm/3.8in
Tangent Theta 88mm/3.5in

Rifle Scope Adjustment In MIL & MOA

Most of the top tier long range shooting scopes are available in both MOA and MIL measurements. When deciding between these options, a helpful starting point is considering which measurement system aligns with your natural thinking. If you’re accustomed to measuring in centimeters and meters, MILs may be the better choice, whereas if you prefer inches and yards, MOA might be more suitable.

Mil and MOA Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scopes

Sticking with your familiar measurement system simplifies adjustments without the need for conversions. Whether you opt for MIL or MOA, it’s generally advisable to avoid switching back and forth between linear measurements unless operationally necessary. Instead, remain consistent with the system you’re accustomed to and select a scope accordingly.

Selecting the Best Rifle Scope

In the world of premium rifle scopes, the diversity in options from magnification ranges, reticles, eye relief, glass origin to turret configurations means that choosing a single scope isn’t an easy task. The key lies in identifying features that aligns with your shooting requirements and budget.

Once you’ve honed in on the important factors for you, you can then refine your choice to the finer details, comparing models with those specifics to find the perfect match for your shooting needs. Exceptionally clear glass and a solid optic can help you get more accurate shots and make the experience a lot more enjoyable.


Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36×56

The best glass on the market, tough build from one of the best optics companies in the world


Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56

High magnification with clear glass and tough exterior

Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scopes


Vortex Razor Gen III 6-36×56

Best warranty in the optics world combined with smooth turrets and great glass

Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scopes


Zero Compromise ZC840 8-40×56

New to the market the 840 has a massive magnification range with great glass


Kahles K525i DLR 5-25×56

Packs features for competitions with a wide field of view


Steiner M7Xi 4-28×56

Built tough and with a proven track record of performance

Best Premium Long Range Shooting Scopes


Leupold Mark 5 HD 7-35×56

Cheapest of the 8 but packs great features for the money.


Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm

Wide field of view and the best turrets on the market

Don’t forget to checkout our best scopes for hunting!

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