Sulun Arms TACSORAS Lever Release Shotgun Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

The new lever release from Sulun Arms has landed. Known as the ‘TACSORAS’ or TAC Self Opening Repeating Action Shotgun, I got my hands on a demo model to see how it performs.

It operates on a lever release function where the spent cartridge is automatically ejected after firing and the next round is ramped ready to feed. Once the lever is pressed, the round feeds into the chamber and is ready to fire. 

The full release version will have the lever a little more hidden and incorporated into the trigger guard.

Full release lever

The shotgun uses twin gas pistons that take gas from ports located ahead of the chamber to drive the bolt rearward upon firing.

The mechanism is by far the easiest to operate in comparison to several straight-pull and lever actions I have owned. There’s not an uncomfortable amount of force needed to press the lever and it’s easily actuated with your index finger.

To load rounds into the magazine, the lever needs to be pressed while you load the rounds in. Once you have loaded the tube you press the cartridge drop button to allow the tube to feed into the chamber.


There is a cross bolt safety just behind the trigger which enables the user to quickly engage and disengage when needed.

The Sulun Arms lever release TACSORAS is modeled off the famous Benelli M4. The aesthetic is complete with the Benelli style charging handle which the straight-pull version doesn’t have. I’ve added a side saddle and sling to make it ready for pig hunting in the bush and to complete the tactical vibe.


Extras included with the shotgun are five chokes, change tool plus an additional ported choke. A sturdy carry case is also thrown in which is a nice extra.

Softcase and included choke set

The rear stock is adjustable for length of pull in 9 different positions which makes it easier to find the most comfortable position when taking aim.


The shotgun has a Picatinny rail for the option of mounting a red dot sight on top. Quick release button swivel mounts are also included on each side of the stock for attaching a sling.

There are three different barrel lengths available, this model is the 18.5” barrel but there is also a longer 24” and a super compact 14” barrel. 


Sights on the TACSORUS include a rear ghost ring sight and tactical front sight. 

I tested the shotgun with every type of shotshell I had including slugs, buckshot and some target loads.  Each time the shells ejected, the rounds fed and the bolt locked to the rear. An issue with some lever release shotguns is that target loads wont cycle 100% of the time. I’m going to head out again soon to test out a variety of target loads to see if I can get it to jam, so stay tuned for that video. But so far its worked perfectly well.


There’s a 5-year warranty on the shotgun and a 50,000-shot guarantee on the barrel. Luckily for the NSW residents, a NSW compliant version is also in the works.

The TACSORAS’s main competitor is the Bushmeister BA-X12, however the TACSORAS is almost a third more in price of the Bushmeister. Both are Turkish made but the main difference aside from the position of the lever is that the TACSORAS doesn’t feel like it’s Turkish, and that’s what I love about this shotgun.

Side saddle from Amazon

The build quality of these is what sets them apart from other Turkish shotguns available in Aus. If your local gun shop has a demo model in store, ask to have a look and you will see what I mean about how solid it is.

The Benelli M4 aesthetics, new lever release mechanism and how customisable it is, make this shotgun hard to pass up. Keep an eye out for more from us with the TACSORAS.


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