Kuiu DCS Guide Jacket, Pants and Gloves Review

Last updated on September 26th, 2023

The Kuiu DCS Guide series is some of the best quality cold weather hunting gear you can buy. Why do you need a well designed hunting jacket and pants for hunting in cold weather? Having a set helps you stay comfortable on the hunt by keeping you warm and protecting you from the elements. 

We have been using a full set of Kuiu DCS guide kit for a few seasons. This included the jacket, pants and gloves. Our colder weather hunts are in New Zealand’s southern alps, which provide a great proving ground for new gear. 

The Kuiu DCS Guide jacket and pants are a water and wind resistant soft shell outer layer. They are made from a 4 way stretch material that is designed to keep the wearer comfortable in a wide range of conditions. Both the jacket and pants are fleece lined, giving the wearer warmth for all weather conditions. 

On the latest trip the jacket and pants durability were tested in some of the most unforgiving terrain. While moving from a glassing position to chase game up a mountain, the jackets features get to shine.

From sitting to climbing, the zips located in the arm pits of the jacket, allow you to regulate your body temperature. Moving through thick spiked bushes the jacket took the abuse and was undamaged. You don’t have to be worried about wear and tear with this set.

Over seven days on this winter hunt, the jacket and pants stood up to wind, rain and snow better than expected. In cold conditions a base layer is needed to wear under the jacket for warmth.

The Kuiu DCS gloves are built to the same high quality standard as the jacket and pants. After using them extensively for chopping wood, catching falls up and down mountains, these gloves remain 100% intact without a single thread loose. 

For day to day wear on the hunt, this set is incredibly durable and offers fantastic protection. You will be impressed with the quality of the jacket and pants, down to its zippers and well thought out design.

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