New FastFire 4 Red Dot From Burris

Last updated on December 13th, 2023

The recently released Burris FastFire 4 red dot sight has hit the shelves. I got hold of the FastFire 4 and fitted it onto my 12 gauge, as I find it’s a lot faster to get onto a target with a red dot than with iron sights.

The red dot is however very versatile, being able to be mounted on multiple types of firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns. 

Red Dot’s

These optics are designed for use in close range shooting. The illuminated dot stays in alignment with the weapon regardless of what position your eye is in. This almost completely eliminates the parallax effect and issues with eye relief.

Red dot sights are commonly used for hunting, police, military and target shooters as they provide fast target acquisition. Quickly getting on target and keeping both eyes open when shooting are why I chose a red dot for my shotgun. 


Burris has a long history being founded in 1971 in the US and continues to produce innovative products for the shooting and hunting community.  The company also provides a forever warranty where all products will be replaced or repaired and is transferred to future owners.

We have previously checked out the RT-1 red dot from Burris and were impressed with the build quality, and function of the optic, so we were keen to see if the FastFire 4 worked just as well.


The Burris FastFire 4 is built sturdy and is coated in a matte finish. It weighs in at a very light 1.6 oz or 28 grams.

The CR1632 battery lasts an insane 26,000 hours of use on the medium brightness setting.

The kit also includes a weather/dust cover which attaches via two screws on the back of the sight and is easy to attach with the included tool.

The window on the sight is larger than the FastFire 3, providing a better view of the target. The window box on the FastFire 3 is 21x15mm and the larger window on the FastFire 4 is 29×18.75mm.

To control the optics settings there is a button on each side of the red dot. The left side controls the four brightness levels and also acts as an on and off button when held down. The button on the right side cycles the reticle choices. 


There are four different reticle options available. All reticles are illuminated red and include a 3 MOA dot, 11 MOA dot, 3 MOA dot with circle and 11 MOA dot with circle. The 3 MOA dot is for longer range shooting where you can be a little more precise and the 11 MOA dot is for closer ranges.

Changes are made in 1 MOA click values with a total of 90 MOA elevation and windage adjustment. There is an included tool in the box that helps to make the adjustments. 


This is a great high quality red dot with a huge battery life. The small and large reticle choices are great for choosing between focused and fast shooting. Burris have achieved a great balance of price and product quality, you wont regret purchasing this red dot.


Focal PlaneSFP
Adjustement Graduation1 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment90 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment90 MOA
Dot Size/Colour3 MOA;11 MOA;Red
Sulun Arms TAC-12 & Burris FastFire 4

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