Burris RT-1 Red Dot Review

Last updated on March 5th, 2024

Lets checkout the Burris RT-1 red dot sight and how it handled conditions in outback Australia.

Red Dot’s

The red dot sight is designed for use in close range shooting. The illuminated dot stays in alignment with the weapon regardless of what position your eye is in. This almost completely eliminates the parallax effect and issues with eye relief. Red dot sights are common sights for hunting, police, military and target shooters as they provide fast target acquisition. Quickly getting on target and keeping both eyes open when shooting drew me to this being the perfect fit for hunting in the bush here in Queensland.


Burris has a long history being founded in 1971 in the US and continues to produce innovative products for the shooting and hunting community.  The company also provides a forever warranty where all products will be replaced or repaired and is transferred to future owners. The forever warranty however doesn’t cover their thermal scope range.

Burris RT-1

The RT-1 is primarily designed for the tactical shooter, the large red dot and 1 x magnification are targeted towards shooters engaging in close range. These features translate perfectly for pig hunting applications here in Australia where a 12 gauge shotgun or 30-30 rifle are the preferred tools for the job. Mounting the Burris RT-1 to the lever action 12 gauge was an upgrade long in the making.


Not all red dot sights are created equally and I held off for a long time finding the right red dot for the job. I was happy to see that the Burris RT-1 was built for hard work. The shockproof exterior of the RT-1 is rated to be used up to a .50 BMG. Its comforting to know that the optic is built to take the recoil of 12-gauge buckshot and slugs.

The optic is also waterproof and fog proof so it can stand up to any weather in the field. The rugged construction surprisingly doesn’t come at a cost to weight, with the sight weighing in at 4.8 ounces (136grams).

RT-1 Reticle

The red dot has a 2 MOA reticle, meaning that the dot covers 2 inches (5cm) at 100 yards (91meters).

Adjusting the illumination is simple with a higher and lower setting on top of the optic. Using the optic at midday in the outback Queensland sun wasn’t a problem and the dot remained bright under extremely sunny conditions. The dot itself became slightly blurry at maximum illumination, however it’s unlikely you would need to run the optic on that setting as the optimum brightness of around 70% is great for day to day use.

Mounting the Burris RT-1

It comes with both a high and low base mount which are easy to change over with an Alan key. The optic fits Weaver style/Picatinny rails. If your rifle or shotgun doesn’t have this rail system, adaptors are easily available.

Function and Adjustments

When adjusting the reticle, the click value is 0.5 MOA. The total windage and elevation adjustment capability is 45 MOA. The initial adjustments to get the optic zeroed were easy, and a few shots of buckshot on paper and a couple of clicks put the dot where it needed to be.

The optic takes a CR2032 battery and the battery life is listed at around 1,000 hours depending on the intensity of the brightness used.


The low weight, solid construction and excellent sight picture make this an affordable red dot. Red dot sights give the shooter an advantage over iron sights and are well worth the investment. The slight blur of the optic at full power is far outweighed by the positives. A solid optic built for hard work.


  • Durable construction
  • Clear and Bright Dot
  • Long battery life


  • Slight blur at maximum brightness setting


Reticle ColorRed
Clear Objective Lens Diameter25 mm
Eye ReliefInfinite
Click Value0.5 MOA
Elevation Adjustment, Total Capability                  45 MOA
Windage Adjustment45 MOA
Length2.75 in.
Weight4.8 oz.

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