New Sordin T2 Electronic Hearing Protection

A few years ago I tried out both the Sordin’s and the Peltor’s looking for a set of electronic hearing protection, and as a result I became a big fan of Sordin’s. At Shot Show 2024 Sordin released its latest hearing pro, the Sordin T2. Sordin have a long history in the tactical hearing protection world with their gear being a popular choice by professionals all over the world.

Sordin at Shot Show 2024

The T2 range is designed with tactical use in mind, focusing on allowing the user to modify the headset with the requirements for the individual without the use of any tools. For example a regular headband set can be reconfigured into a neckband set for use with a helmet.

Specifically for helmets, Sordin have designed the T2 ARC Rails accessory that lets the user reconfigure the headset for attachment to a ballistic helmet. The ARC rails are Ops-Core and Team Wendy compatible.

The T2 range use the new ‘HEAR2’ audio profiles. There are four different HEAR profiles available, each designed for specific applications. These include, the Tactical mode which is a traditional mode for military, law enforcement or use at the range, while the Duel mode is designed for use in low noise environments where ambient sounds are increased to improve situational awareness. The comfort mode provides a reduced for use in noisy environments where communication is the priority. The final mode is Ambient off, in this mode, ambient noises are deactivated, and the headset uses passive hearing protection only, this is most suited when maximum focus on team communications is required in high-noise environments.

HEAR2 Profiles

The ability to customise the headset for different scenarios is appealing. Giving the user the ability to change out the mounting system combined with the new HEAR profiles make this one of the most innovative and advanced pieces of hearing protection available. The T2 range will be available in a few different colour options including black, tan and green. For more information on the Sordin T2 range checkout Sordins website here.

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