Best Gun Case For Your Precision Rifle in 2024

Last updated on May 13th, 2024

Precision rifles aren’t cheap, once you add up the cost of the rifle, the optic, mounts and bipod you are looking at a large investment. Heading to the range or out for your hunt, you don’t want that investment getting knocked around and damaged on the trip. A solid rifle case is a must have to protect your rifle and scope setup from damage.

A knock to your precision rifle setup can mess with the sight alignment of your scope or damage the rifle. After spending time and money gathering DOPE (data of previous experience) for your rifle and knowing adjustment’s needed at different ranges, the last thing you want is for that data to be wrong from a bump that could have been prevented.

Having used many different hard and soft cases over the years to keep my setups dry and safe, I have learnt what features are important. Traveling overseas on hunting trips with rifles means taking rifles on planes and on long car trips. I have come to appreciate just how important a good case is.

Pelican Storm Series

The Pelican Storm series are the perfect cases to protect high end rifle setups. The cases are made from a lightweight resin which is incredibly durable and feels unbreakable. In fact, Pelican cases can even withstand a vehicle driving over them.

The cases are fully waterproof, which comes in handy when you are shooting in an uncovered area and the rain sets in. The cases can even be submerged underwater down to 1 meter. An added bonus to this feature is that if the case is in a dirty environment it won’t let any dust or dirt particles in, as its completely sealed.

Pelican Case Ruger Precision Rifle

Pelican Storm cases feature press and pull latches that when engaged are rock solid and make sure the case stays shut. The handle on these cases is a ‘soft grip’ type which might not sound like a feature worth noting until you are hauling a heavy case.  When you have the case filled with your rifle, optics, ammo, hearing protection, bipod etc you will notice how comfortable the handles are.

The rifle cases have wheels which allow the case to be pulled along. This has been a great feature especially hauling heavy equipment through the airport whilst juggling other luggage.

The Pelican Storm series really shines when it comes to the security of its contents. The rifle cases come with padlock hasps so you can attach padlocks for peace of mind when traveling. There are specific padlocks made for Pelican cases and they also fit common padlocks. When my Pelican Storm is loaded up and my four padlocks are attached, I know no one is getting inside. There are valves on the cases also, so pressure isn’t going to build when traveling by air and damage the optic.

The Storm series cases come in two main colours, black and OD green and have a sleek mat finish which makes them a lot neater than the traditional Pelican cases. The foam inserts allow you to customise the internals of the case. A lot of shooters will cut out the shape of their rifle so when in transit there is absolutely no movement of the rifle. Plus, it also looks really neat. Some companies offer custom inserts for the cases, so all the hard work of cutting and measuring is taken care of.

The lifespan of these cases should be another consideration. Under normal use its unlikely you will never have to replace them, however in the rare event that a wheel or handle fails, replacements are available at no cost under Pelicans lifetime warranty.


  • Rated to prevent damage from water, moisture and dust
  • Extremely durable
  • Pressure valve for flight
  • Moldings to allow padlocks
  • Easy to use latches
  • Soft grip handles
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Limited colour options

Pelican iM3200

The iM3200 Storm case fits rifles up to 111cm long. Such as the .308 Ruger Precision Rifle with a 20” barrel or Tikka Tac A1’s. This is the exact Pelican Case I use for my Ruger Precision Rifle and Sako TRG 22 A1.

Pelican iM3200

Pelican iM3300

The longer iM3300 Storm case fits rifles up to 128cm long and is suited to rifles with a barrel longer than 22″ or don’t have a folding stock.

Pelican iM3300

Pelican Storm cases come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured its covered. With the Storm series you can be sure you are getting what you pay for with a strong and quality case. Don’t hesitate to invest in a high quality and durable case to protect your setup.

Pelican iM2300

I also use smaller Pelican cases to carry ammunition and gear to and from the range. The three layers of foam inserts, lets me tailor the storage based on how much ammo or gear I am taking. It also makes a great pistol case!


If taking a whole load of stuff, then all the foam comes out and I fill it up. If I am only transporting a few boxes of ammo, then I leave two of the three layers in. Once padlocked, my ammo/pistol is secure and protected. The iM2300 Storm case is my go-to ammunition and gear case. It fits ammunition, ear protection and other gear I will be using at the range. Like the iM3200 it is waterproof, crush-proof and can have padlocks attached.

Pelican iM2300

These cases have saved my setup and equipment on more occasions than I can count. From international travel, to being out on the range in the rain, I know that once I close the lid my gear is safe and dry.

Plano All Weather Rifle Case

If the Pelican cases arnt in your budget, the next best thing is the range from Plano. The Plano cases have a long standing reputation for producing quality gear.

Plano cases feature airtight seals and are made of a rugged watertight construction. The Plano cases come with pre-perforated pluck-to-fit foam for easy customization to keep your firearms in place and protected.

Similar to the Pelican cases, the Plano also has wheels which makes transporting a lot easier. You will be surprised by how tough the Plano cases are.

Plano All Weather Rifle Case

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