Rifle Spotlight – Daniel Defence Delta Five Pro

First released in 2020, the Daniel Defence Delta 5 Pro is a ready to go factory made precision rifle. Pretty rare to see them here in Aus but I did recently come across one at the range on the firing line.

There are a few different models of the Delta 5 Pro in chassis and stock options. The aluminium chassis provides a solid and stable platform that’s designed for modularity, allowing the shooter to customise their setup with various accessories and attachments to suit their shooting preferences. A thumb rest is also included on the chassis versions as well as a full length ARCA rail on the bottom of the chassis. 

The rifle includes a smooth bolt action, with an adjustable Timney Elite Hunter trigger in all models. The chassis system allows shooters to find their preferred length of pull and cheek rest height, ensuring a comfortable position behind the rifle. Another added feature is the included Area 419 muzzle brake.

Image from Daniel Defence

With its quality barrel, action and chassis at a decent price point, the rifle has gained recognition as a good option for an out of the box precision rifle. In the ‘out of the box’ target rifle range the Delta 5 Pro provides good value for money with its .5 MOA accuracy guarantee.

Delta 5 Pro
Image from Daniel Defence

With my very brief time handling the Delta 5 Pro, I felt the magazine well to be a fairly tight fit. Cycling the action, the 60 degree bolt throw felt smooth for the price point. The only major thing to consider is the limited caliber options currently available as the rifle comes in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and 308. The rifle is available in coyote tan, black and OD green.

Delta 5 Pro
Image from Daniel Defence

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