Rifle Spotlight – Victrix Venus PRO

Italian firearm manufacturer Victrix are known for offering a range of high end and well thought out sporting and tactical rifles, which now includes the Victrix Venus PRO in their line up. Victrix rifles are rare to see at the range here in Aus but they catch the eye on the firing line when one turns up.

Dynamic long range shooting sports are becoming more popular around the world and Victrix are taking on the technical, functional and ergonomic advice from shooters by continually developing rifles for the sporting world. The Venus range are designed for sporting shooting with each variant in the range offering up something different for each competitor. In July we showed off the Venus X, and now the Venus PRO has some different features, most notably the caliber selection and additional options on barrel twists.

Victrix Venus PRO

The Victrix Venus PRO rifle series provide a factory out of the box option for competitors wanting to compete at a international level. The following calibers and twists are currently available in the Venus PRO series:

  • 6 XC (1/8)
  • 6,5 x 47 Lapua (1/8.5)
  • 6,5 x 47 Lapua (1/7,5)
  • 6,5 Creedmoor (1/8.5)
  • 6,5 Creedmoor (1/7,5)
  • 6 Creedmoor (1/8)
  • .308 Match (1/11)
  • .308 Match (1/10)
  • .22 L.R. (1/16) Small Bore Variant

Our new Victrix Venus PRO will leave its mark in national and international sporting competitions: an ideal, reliable and highly competitive shooting teammate that ensures podium performances. Victrix Venus PRO offers an expert shooter all the features he could wish for his ideal sporting rifle and even more: it sets a new standard of excellence, thanks to a perfect combination of precision, design, efficiency and functionality.

Victrix Venus PRO

For the price point you expect some pretty standout features on the Venus PRO, luckily the rifle series brings a lot to the table and includes some very attractive features.

  • 26” Barrel length 
  • 7 kg (15.43 lb), with an empty magazine
  • Closed overall length: 921 mm (36.26”)
  • Open overall length: 1160 mm (45.67”)
  • Bull barrell 1.250_1.000 contour
  • M18x1mm thread
  • Horizontal, vertical and cheek piece adjustment, equipped with a Picatinny rail on the underside
  • Metal double stack single feed 10-round magazine
  • Reversible EVO folding system
  • High-strength monobloc chassis
  • Thumb rest
  • Anschutz-type rail in the middle, an integrated Arca rail and a side M-LOK system that run the entire length
  • Interchangeable barricade stop to protect the magazine
  • Wider trigger guard
  • Interchangeable grip for standard AR platform
  • 20 MOA integrated rail
  • Six lug bolt, with interchangeable bolt lever
  • Single-stage adjustable trigger

For more information on the Victrix Venus PRO, checkout the Victrix website here.

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