Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56 Review

Last updated on March 5th, 2024

The Vortex Strike Eagle series first launched in 2015 with the low power variant, a few years later the 5-25×56 FFP model landed and has since become one of the most popular long distance shooting optics in the world. Luckily for me a friend purchased the Strike Eagle and a recent trip to the range together gave me the opportunity to check out its features and performance. 

vortex strike eagle 5-25x56


From my own Vortex Optics purchases over the years I quickly learned that Vortex’s strength is providing quality optics that exceed expectations of the budget category they are in. For a retail price of $899 USD, I wanted to know what exactly you are getting with the Strike Eagle. 

The Strike Eagle series of scopes come in many variants including 1-6×24, 1-8×24, 1-8×24 FFP, 3-18×44 FFP and 5-25×56 FFP. The model we are looking at is the 5-25×56 in the First Focal Plane. Out of the box the scope comes with a bunch of unexpected extras including a throw lever to make magnifications changes easier and a sunshade which helps protect against glare.


The magnification range of 5-25x is perfect for long distance shooting including PRS and long range hunting. The Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56 is able to provide alot of features due to its large maintube of 34mm which is made of aircraft grade aluminum. 

vortex strike eagle 5-25x56

Budget minded scopes can make some shooters cautious on durability, however if your thinking about using this on bigger calibers you can rest assured. The Strike Eagle has built a reputation for being able to handle large magnum calibers such as .300 WIN MAG and .338 Lapua without damaging the optic or losing zero.

Weighing in at 30.4oz/861g it’s a good weight considering its magnification range, large 56mm objective lens and solid construction. The Strike Eagle is without a doubt built tough.


The optical system of Strike Eagle is housed in its 34mm maintube. The larger tube size gives the shooter more room for adjustment of the reticle and helps provide a larger field of view.

The giant 56mm objective lens on the Strike Eagle lets more light in than a 50mm lens, helping make a clearer and higher contrast image which I found to be similar to my Vortex HST scope. The lenses are fully multi-coated meaning they are a higher quality than the usual single coated lenses in this budget category. Spending the day with the optic I didn’t observe any chromatic aberration at any magnification. The clear and bright glass is a great draw-card.

vortex strike eagle 5-25x56

There is 3.7 inches of eye relief, which is a good amount to get comfortable behind the scope, especially if you wear glasses. The glass is great value for the price bracket it sits in.


The EBR-7C reticle is used in the Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25×56, with options in either MOA or MRAD. I am familiar with this reticle from my Viper PST Gen II and have learned to appreciate its features for long distance shooting.

The reticle is also illuminated, making is easier to see your reticle when shooting in low light. This is another big draw card to the budget minded optic that helps it step ahead of its competitors.


There is a total elevation range of 31 MRAD and 23 MRAD for windage. This range combined with the extensive hashmarks in the reticle provide the long distance shooter with more than enough elevation to truly get shots made at long distance. There is 10 MRAD per rotation of the turret, with .1 MRAD per click and a second row of numbers on the elevation turret for your second revolution. On the opposite side of the windage turret is the parallax adjustment which ranges from 14m to infinity.

Vortex have even included a zero stop or ‘Rev Stop’ system in the turrets that allows you to return to your set zero after dialing up. Long distance hunters and competition shooters will be happy to know the Strike Eagle also includes exposed locking turrets. Simply pull up the turret, dial and then push it back down, this ensures it wont move if accidentally bumped.

vortex strike eagle 5-25x56


This scope has everything the long distance shooter needs including zero stop, parallax adjustment, illumination, locking turrets, throw lever, an advanced reticle and fully multi-coated lenses. The beauty of the Vortex Strike Eagle is giving the budget minded shooter, the option of getting a great optic packed with features and a lifetime warranty. 

If you are looking for a good scope that allows you to make hits at long distance and that is under $1,000 the Strike Eagle 5-25×56 is the optic for you.


Model #SE-525
Product LineStrike Eagle
Objective Lens Diameter56mm
Tube Size34mm
Focal PlaneFFP
Eye Relief94mm
Field of View24.0-5.2ft @ 100yds
Adjustement Graduation1/4 MOA | .1 MRAD
Travel Per Rotation25 MOA | 10 MRAD
Max Elevation Adjustment110 MOA | 31 MRAD
Max Windage Adjustment78 MOA | 23 MRAD
Parallax Setting14m to Infinity
ColourMatte Black

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