Introducing The Barrett MRADELR

Barrett Firearms have just announced the release of their newest rifle, the Barrett MRADELR. This ELR or Extreme Long Range rifle is a larger platform of the Barrett MRAD. Released in 416 Barrett, there are more calibers on the way. The huge 36″ barrel will be interchangeable with the new ‘Barrel Maker Kit’. The rifle …

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Rifle Spotlight: Q The Fix

First announced at Shot Show 2017, The Fix rifle was a new take on the compact bolt gun. The idea behind the rifle is to have a lightweight, compact and accurate bolt action rifle. Looking at each piece in the design you can see how keeping the weight down has been the priority. A couple …

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The New Field Stock from MDT

MDT have just announced a new entry level stock named the Field Stock. Its low price point and features make it a strong competitor for the popular KRG Bravo rifle stock. The MDT Field Stock is only available for Remington 700 actions at this stage. It’s available colours are listed as flat dark earth and …

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Rifle Spotlight: Victrix Venus X

Italian firearm manufacturer Victrix offer a range of well thought out sporting and tactical rifles. Their rifles are rarely seen at the shooting range in Aus but they catch the eye with their sleek design on the line when one shows up. If you are a serious competition shooter the attention to detail and proven …

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Australian Military Selects Accuracy International AX-SR


The Australian Defence Force has just announced the Accuracy International AX-SR will be the new sniper weapons system for the military. There are many robust sniper platforms with proven service records available such as the Sako M10, but the British made AX-SR has made the cut. The AX-SR rifles are a multi caliber platform allowing …

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New Tikka T3X For Australia – The Wild Boar

Tikka have just announced the release of a brand new variant of the T3x line up in Australia. The Tikka Wild Boar, specifically designed with Australian hunters in mind. The Wild Boar has some interesting features including a fluted bolt, two magazines and an additional grip and fore-end included. The pricing for the Wild Boar …

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New Premium Hunting Rifle – The Sako 100

Sako has just announced a new rifle in their premium hunting rifle range, the Sako 100. The rifle is being made in two main variants, the Explorer Wood and Explorer Carbon. The Sako 100 will allow caliber changes to be made using the torque wrench supplied with the rifle. The rifle will be offered in …

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Warwick Firearms WFA1-L Review

The WFA1 has been on the Australian market for a few years now. Lucky for me, I was able to get some trigger time behind the WFA1-L. The WFA1-L is manufactured by Warwick Firearms in Victoria, Australia. Handling an Australian designed and manufactured rifle does give you a good feeling, as there aren’t too many …

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