Steiner T6Xi 5-30×56 Rifle Scope Review

Steiner T6Xi

The T6Xi series are the latest scopes released from Steiner Optics. This line of tactical optics are a personal favorite of mine, the reticle choices, alpha tier glass, and large turrets make tactical optics very user friendly. Steiner T6Xi 5-30×56 ScopeList(See Price)Amazon(See Price) Looking at long distance tactical optics you no doubt have been comparing …

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Steiner Predator 8 Review

Steiner Predator 8

Getting hands on with alpha class optics is always a good time. Steiner released the Predator 8 series last year and I got some time behind the optic with my Sako 85 Finnlight II. The Predator Series are designed primarily for hunting and include features made for that purpose, including a simple reticle and a streamline …

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Steiner IFS – Intelligent Firing Solution

The Intelligent Firing Solution or ‘IFS’ system by Steiner is designed with the sniper and spotter team in mind. The system allows the user to keep eyes on the target through the scope without having to break contact with the target to look at the elevation and windage turrets when making corrections. Rifle scopes with …

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Optics Spotlight | Steiner T6Xi Series Coming Soon

Steiner T6xi

Steiner have announced a new line of optics in their tactical line, the T6Xi series. The brand new optics will be offered in the following magnifications; 1-6×24, 2.5-15×50, 3-18×56 and 5-30×56. Based in Germany, Steiner was started by Karl Steiner in 1947 and the company has a long-standing reputation for producing rugged optics with high …

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Steiner Predator 8 – New Hunting Scope


High end scope manufacturer Steiner has released a new series of optics, the Predator 8 series. These optics, like the previous models in the Predator series are designed primarily for hunting and include three new models. People are drawn to Steiner optics because of the high level of quality in the construction of the scopes. …

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Steiner Predator LRF 10×42 Laser Rangefinder Binoculars Review

Why carry two tools around when you can combine the two into one. A two in one setup has its advantages, you save on weight, space, and save time not having to change tools on the run. The new Steiner Predator LRF 10×42 rangefinding binoculars combine binoculars and rangefinding into the one streamlined platform. This …

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Steiner H35 Nighthunter Review

Thermal vision devises are becoming more available and more sought after all over the world. The Steiner H35 Nighthunter displays a thermal image which highlights the heat signatures that are given off from a target, making them more easily detectable. Hunters use thermal optics to aid in detecting targets out in the field. Above all, …

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