New Schmidt & Bender ‘Smart’ Optic

Is it an April fools day prank or did a new smart optic just leak? 

FinnAccuracy have shared some interesting photos of a new rifle scope from Schmidt & Bender. The scope has a box near the ocular lens with input buttons on top and inside the optic there is data displayed.

Image: FinnAccuracy

The readout inside the scope shows a number of data sets including humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, distance to target as well as elevation and windage adjustments. 

The WS and WD displayed are likely wind speed and wind direction however we will have to wait for more info to get a full picture of the new scope.

Image: FinnAccuracy

This would give some competition to the Intelligent Firing Solution models from Steiner which are predominantly used by military snipers. Only two years ago Vortex Optics also released the XM-157 smart optic with a similar set of capabilities. It’s neat to see how optics companies are incorporating the latest technology.

We will publish updates once we know more about this new smart scope from Schmidt & Bender.

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