Vectronix Vector X RF Binoculars

There’s a new set of rangefinder binoculars on the market that tick all the boxes for long distance shooters. The Vectronix Vector X series come in at a hefty price point but pack some truly awesome features. This includes glass etched reticles, 7000 yard range on reflective targets and a very narrow beam divergence.

There are three different models available, 8×42, 10×42 and 12×42. An interesting feature is the ability to use a range enhancer attachment, which increases magnification by 40%. With the enhancer the binoculars new magnification is shown below:

  • 8×42 VECTOR X increases to 11×42
  • 10×42 VECTOR X increases to 14×42
  • 12×42 VECTOR X increases to 17×42

The on board sensors measure azimuth, temperature, inclination, barometric pressure and humidity and feed it into the onboard Applied Ballistics Elite. These are impressive and have also solved another major issue effecting rangefinding binoculars. They often end up having a blue tint in order to display the read out effectively like on the Steiner Predator LRF. The Vectronix Vector X however comes with a neutral image, eliminating the blue tint.

The long distance shooting world continues to see innovative products like these get released. I wont be surprised if we see similar products in the future from SIG, Vortex and others.

Vectronix Vector X

Vectronix Vector X RF Binoculars

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