SCSA Taipan X Review

Last updated on February 22nd, 2024

New from Southern Cross Small Arms (SCSA) is the Taipan X. It’s a rifle aimed at hunters and designed for quick follow up shots having a pump and straight-pull action. SCSA have said that the Taipan X has the precision of an extended range rifle, so I was curious to see if my newest rifle was as easy to run and precise as they said it is. It’s chambered in .223 and also runs 5.56 ammo, if you are looking for larger calibers SCSA have said that the Taipan X will be released in more calibers in the near future. Best of all for the folks in NSW, you aren’t left out as its available as category B.

This is an Australian made firearm and I have been hands on with both the Warwick Firearms WFA1 and Wedgetail MPR308 which are both great pump action firearms, however with the Taipan X coming in at almost $2000 AUD cheaper its worth looking at the differences. This article will look at its design, performance in the field at close and extended ranges as well as how it stacks up against other popular Australian made pump action rifles such as the WFA1 and MPR308 . Whether its your first rifle or a seasoned shooter the Taipan X has some attractive features that are hard to ignore.

SCSA Taipan X
At the range with the Taipan X

Southern Cross Small Arms

SCSA are based in Sydney, New South Wales and design firearms for the tough Australian conditions. I love to see Australian companies being innovative and an Australian company producing such an interesting rifle meant I had to pick one up. SCSA designed a previous version of the Taipan X called the Taipan Lite. Since then several improvements have been made over the previous version.


At first glance, the Taipan X catches the eye with its sleek and modern design and the chassis kinda looks a little like a Q The Fix rifle with smooth lines and a nice aesthetic. What makes this rifle appealing to me is the combination of a straight pull action and a pump action. The straight pull allows easier use for shooting from a bench where as the pump makes off hand shooting simple by keeping your hands on the rifle for follow up shots. The spring assist on the pump is much more easy to run compared to a bolt action and kinda addictive how easy and satisfying it is.

The chassis is made from aluminium and features an enclosed fore-end. There is an adjustable cheek height and length of pull. The set screws in the rear of the stock can be loosened to set the desired height of the cheek comb. There are 5mm spacers included for the length of pull. These are adjusted by removing the set screw and adding or subtracting spacers.

Taipan X Review

The Taipan X has a pistol grip and the rubberised material its made of feels really comfortable and ergonomic in the hand. A case deflector sits on the right-hand side near the ejection port and ensures spent cartridges eject outwards away from the shooter. My Taipan X is Cerakoted in burnt bronze, but also comes in black and green colour variants. Overall there are nice ergonomics to the rifle, from the easy flick of the safety, to the comfortable hand position on the pump, its a very user friendly rifle.


The bolt handle is located on the left side and is removable if you prefer to just run the pump action. From using the WFA1, I know that the pump needs to be fully in battery for the firing pin to release, if there is any gap the rifle wont fire so you don’t have a round go off out of battery. This isn’t really a problem with the Taipan X as the spring assist keeps the pump under constant forward pressure.

Taipan X Review

The rifle has a seven lug bolt and has a neat plunger ejector. After inserting a fresh mag or reloading between shots I found pulling the pump action back and letting it go allows the bolt to move forward under its own steam ensuring a solid connection. The bolt handle is knurled, and is free spinning which allowed for a good grip and smooth operation. Compared to the pump action on the much more expensive MPR308, its not that much different in operation and feel. And for the very large price gap between the two its worth cycling the Taipan to compare the two.

Trigger & Safety

Being a hunting rifle it has a heavy trigger but I quickly got used to it. The trigger comes pre-set with a weight of around 5 pounds. I have already seen a company selling two stage triggers if you are after a more target style feel. The safety is located on the left side just above the pistol grip and when engaged shows very clearly if the rifle is ‘Safe’ or on ‘Fire’. The safety switch has a good amount of tension and gives that satisfying ‘flick’.

Taipan X Review

Located at the top rear of the receiver is a bolt lock (silver pin in the photo above), when engaged it locks the bolt in the open position. This prevents any accidental chambering of a round and great for safe transport when rocking a loaded mag. This is an additional feature I wasn’t expecting on the rifle but after a few weeks and a few hundred rounds through the rifle I’m glad its there as its an additional layer of safety.


The 16.5” barrel has a 1:8 twist which matches well for 55grain projectiles but will suit longer and heavier projectiles too. To achieve the accuracy promised, the stainless steel barrel needs to be a high quality component of the rifle.  Luckily SCSA use quality Lothar Walther barrels in the Taipan X, this is a key component that helps deliver the accuracy I have seen it produce. The barrel is threaded allowing the attachment of muzzle brakes and even a suppressor if legal in your area.


Included with the rifle are two 10 round detachable magazines. These are the high quality Magpul PMAG’s which have a great reputation for reliability and durability. There is a magazine release button located on the right hand side of the rifle which I found can be easily actuated with the trigger finger. Another super satisfying thing is pressing the mag release button, ripping an empty mag out and the action slamming close.

Taipan X Review

In the Field

I fitted the rifle with my Maven Optics RS1.2 2.5-12×44 FFP scope, Warne scope rings, bipod and headed to the range. It could also be fitted with a red dot or LPVO for hunting at closer ranges and it can be personalised to suit your preferences.

Running 55g projectiles the accuracy stacks up to the promise of delivering a hunting rifle for quick shots with the precision of an extended range rifle. Compared to the Warwick WFA1 and FABA kit, the pump is a hell of alot smoother to run. Puling the action rear-wood allows the bolt to pickup a round from the magazine. Releasing the pump and the spring assist drives the bolt forward chambering a round.

SCSA Taipan X

The manual that comes with the rifle says that it has a break in period of 50 rounds to smooth out the barrel lining. I have run over 250 rounds through the Taipan X and didn’t encounter any stoppages or light strikes, ticking off the reliability I need in a hunting rifle.

The heart of any rifle lies in its performance, and the Taipan X excels in this regard. The .223 caliber offers a perfect blend of power and control, making it ideal for a range of shooting activities from target practice to competitive shooting. The precision barrel and trigger mechanism contribute to the rifle’s impressive accuracy. During testing, the rifle consistently delivered good groups on steel at various distances all the way out to 400m, a testament to its Aussie manufacturers. I plan on taking it even further on the next range trips so stay tuned for more updates on performance.

Taipan X Review

Durability is a big part of what I look for after dropping cash on a rifle and the Taipan X is definitely built to last. The use of high quality materials lets you know that the rifle can withstand regular use and harsh conditions. Maintenance is straightforward, with the rifle’s design allowing easy access for cleaning and upkeep. Properly maintained, the Taipan X will remain a reliable companion for years to come.


For the price point it’s a great Aussie made rifle offering both straight pull and pump functionality. Shooting off hand it fits comfortably in the shoulder and the .223 recoil is minimal allowing you to stay on target. The Warwick Firearms WFA1 and Wedgetail MPR308 are both great firearms, however the Taipan X comes in at almost $2000 AUD cheaper. With this in mind, coupled with its great performance and easy to use design the Taipan X is a great affordable choice for hunters.

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