Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 Review

As technology advances, so do hunting optics and the Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 stands out as a true ‘crossover’ optic. By crossover I mean its ability to be a hunting optic and still have features I want in a target shooting scope. It was an easy choice getting this scope for my new hunting rifle as it excels as a crossover optic and sets a high standard for quality.

Maven RS1.2

The past ten years for rifle shooters have shown significant evolution in the optics world. This shift has largely been attributed to the advancements in glass quality and features demanded in modern optics. Maven has quickly become one of my first choices to consider when looking for a new scope.

Maven Optics

Maven Optics have made a great entry into the arena of precision hunting optics. Operating from Wyoming in the US, Maven has established a strong presence in the hunting world with a range of spotting scopes, range finders and binos also on offer. Their optics, once you have experienced them, leave little doubt about their ability to perform in the field. I discovered Maven Optics when my mate brought a whole set of their gear on a Tahr hunt in the New Zealand alps a couple of years ago. I was immediately impressed with them and have since added a few of their scopes to my rifles. When looking for a high-quality optic with the best value for money, Maven consistently ticks the boxes for my needs.

What sets Maven apart in this competitive industry is their business model. Avoiding the traditional retail route, Maven sells directly to consumers. This approach results in significant cost savings for their customers. Having recently picked up the RS1.2 2.5-15X44 I tested it out on my Sako Finnligt until my new rifle came, the Taipan X. The scope has completed the setup and has made a fantastic combo that I am super happy with. To make the purchase even easier, Maven gear comes with a lifetime warranty.


At the core of any rifle scope is the quality of its glass. This is the major strength of all the Maven optics I have used, with their consistent use of high quality Japanese glass in their optics. The high contrast image combined with the direct to consumer model, makes them great value for money up against the competition.

The Maven RS3 from a previous review

The edge to edge clarity and light gathering capability of a hunting scope is of major importance to me. Looking at a target that blends seamlessly into its environment at low light can become a challenging shot without a scope that can deliver a sharp, clear image. The Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44, with its 44mm objective lens, has the quality and features necessary to perform in these conditions. Reflected in the price, the scope’s extra-low dispersion glass is fully coated to enhance light transmission which also improves the quality of the image it delivers. Further to this all their scopes are both waterproof and fogproof giving you a reliable sight picture in changing weather. This is a no compromise feature for me due to relying on my hunting scopes in week long hunts in New Zealand.


From the reticle choices available from Maven, it’s clear they have embraced hunters needs for more sophisticated choices. Whilst there isn’t a simple duplex reticle, the Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 comes equipped with two great options, the MOA-2 and the SHR-MIL. These are both glass etched reticles and in the first focal plane. I opted for the SHR-MIL, as I prefer hashmarks in MIL and not MOA. The reticles are attractive to the shooter who likes to use holdovers and also come in handy at the range.

The reticle has clearly numbered sub tensions on the vertical and horizontal stadia lines, which reduces wasting time counting lines. Being a first focal plane reticle, its measurements also remain functional across all magnification levels on the optic as opposed to second focal plane where the subtensions will only be accurate on one magnification level.


Another feature that really rounds off this scope are the clean turrets. Dialing up and down has been easy with tactile and audible clicks. There is also nice knurling on each turret which makes gripping and making changes easy.

The 0.1 MIL clicks are precise with very little play and most importantly don’t feel mushy. The windage turret is capped which is a strength for field work where I am conscious of any bump or knock causing the turret to unexpectedly turn. There is 29 MIL of total elevation available in the optic and there is 10 MIL per rotation. The parallax adjustment is located on the left side with the illumination dial and has a range of adjustment from 10 yards out to infinity. The illumination is red and the dial has 10 levels of brightness to suit the users preference.


The construction of the scope is another area where Maven has not skimped on quality. The 30mm tube houses the lenses needed for the image quality and the range of magnification adjustment available to the shooter. The scope’s body, made from aluminum feels robust and has a smooth finish. The attention to detail is clear with great features such as the knurling on the turret caps and magnification ring, which helps in bad weather conditions. The only thing to consider adding is a set of scope caps to the optic as they don’t come standard.

In The Field

Heading out west chasing pigs is where I first put this scope to test. This time of year its summer in Aus and there’s extreme heat and the bush can be unforgiving. Getting my gear ready before setting out on foot is a quick reminded that you need to have confidence in your equipment. Luckily the RS1.2 does feel extremely solid and I trust that it can take hit and still perform. Its tough spending a lot of time, effort and money getting out hunting and you need to know that your gear will work properly when you really need it to.

Maven RS1.2

The magnification range of 2.5-15 is a versatile range and the perfect fit for my rifle. For hunting in the bush its mostly kept on 2.5x for closer ranges but for my next trip to New Zealand ill be using the higher end of the magnification range.

Summing Up The Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44

In the challenging world of hunting, the Maven RS1.2 2.5-15X44 stands as a reliable choice. It offers great value at the price point and I have no hesitations taking it out of the safe and into the field. The glass is clear throughout the entire magnification range, the MIL adjustments are reliable and it’s a good weight for hunting on foot. Bullet drop is easily combated utilising the satisfying turrets or with holdovers in the reticle sub-tensions. This scope continues to impress, making for a fine addition to a hunting rifle.

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