Rifle Spotlight: Q The Fix

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

First announced at Shot Show 2017, The Fix rifle was a new take on the compact bolt gun. The idea behind the rifle is to have a lightweight, compact and accurate bolt action rifle. Looking at each piece in the design you can see how keeping the weight down has been the priority.

A couple of years after the release of The Fix, SIG SAUER introduced a similar concept with the SIG CROSS.

The Fix is available in a few different variants, including popular cartridges and the interesting 8.6 blackout developed by Q. From the table below you can see just how lightweight the different models are, with the weight around the same as my lightweight hunting Sako Finnlight II.

Q VariantWeightLengthBarrel
6.5 Creedmoor 16″6.4lb/2.9kg25.9″-36.6″1:7 twist
308 WIN 16″6.3lb/2.8kg25.9″-36.6″1:10 twist
8.6 BLK 16″5.8lb/2.6kg25.9″-36.6″1:3 twist

One of the immediate things that stands out to me is the very bare stock and bolt handle. Both are kept fairly basic to keep the overall weight of the rifle down. The bolt has a 45 degree throw and the rear stock is adjustable for both length of pull and cheek height. The stock is folding which combined with the 16” barrel makes it very packable and easy to transport. 

The barrel is free floating and also includes a threaded muzzle brake. There is a full length picatinny rail also included for mounting day and night optic setups. The trigger is an in house designed 2-stage match trigger. The safety is the intuitive and easily accessible AR style.

For almost the same weight as other popular ultralight hunting rifles you are getting some extra features in The Fix such as the threaded barrel and adjustable length of pull. Overall The Fix rifle by Q is an interesting niche in the precision shooting world and well worth a look if you are prioritising a lightweight and compact setup.

The Fix™ by Q is the foundation of what our company believes in. Science and experience coupled with passion and drive, our team set out to do the impossible™ and  The Fix™ is the biggest step forward in bolt-action rifle innovation since 1962.

We identified a gap in the market, set goals to successfully reinvent the traditional design, and developed a product far superior to the industry’s conventional bolt gun. This isn’t just another custom 700 pretending to be something new.  This is something new, and it will kick your dad’s rifle’s ass.


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