Steiner IFS – Intelligent Firing Solution

Last updated on October 9th, 2023

The Intelligent Firing Solution or ‘IFS’ system by Steiner is designed with the sniper and spotter team in mind. The system allows the user to keep eyes on the target through the scope without having to break contact with the target to look at the elevation and windage turrets when making corrections.

Rifle scopes with the IFS system are designed by Steiner, who have been producing optics since 1947 and have a long-standing reputation for producing rugged optics with high quality materials.

I recently got hands on with a Steiner M7Xi with the IFS built in and was impressed by the range of data that can be seen when looking through it. In basic terms the IFS is a ballistic calculator and sensor suite built into the optic. An integrated display can be seen when looking through the scope which is positioned above the optics regular reticle. The digital display shows information including the temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift and what range the scope is currently dialed to. The displayed layout within the scope is customisable, allowing the user to remove information readouts as needed.

The rear of the scope houses the IFS, which has input buttons on top and a battery compartment to the side. The IFS is not a ‘do it all’ system and does require input of wind direction and strength. This can however be achieved through Bluetooth connection to a Kestrel. The Steiner M830 laser range finding binoculars are also able to be connected via Bluetooth to the optic which provides an accurate range to target. The Steiner IFS app brings all the information together and allows the user to have multiple ballistic profiles for different calibers or projectiles.

The turret movements are tracked electronically, meaning that when the scope turret is turned, the digital readout in the scope updates to show what range the point of impact is. This is particularly beneficial when combined with clip on night vision, as the current turret settings will be visible through the scope. The optic also includes a digital level, so you don’t have to look outside of the optic at a scope bubble. When aiming up a mountain out hunting, I often have to calculate true distance to target through cosign calculations. The Steiner IFS has a built-in automatic cosign angle adjustment, eliminating the need to make cosign calculations in the field.

Apart from the IFS, everything on the optic is the same as standard models. If the battery were to run out on the IFS, the rifle-scope functions the same as a standard one. The Steiner IFS is designed with military application in mind, however can be purchased by civilian users.

First introduced in 2018, you can now find the Steiner IFS on selected M7Xi 4-28×56, M7Xi 2.9-20×50 and M8Xi 1-8×24 optics.

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