Steiner H35 Nighthunter Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

Thermal vision devises are becoming more available and more sought after all over the world. The Steiner H35 Nighthunter displays a thermal image which highlights the heat signatures that are given off from a target, making them more easily detectable. Hunters use thermal optics to aid in detecting targets out in the field. Above all, when looking at thermal optics, important factors for hunters are the range that the thermal device can detect targets and also how clearly these can be displayed so they can be identified. 

For instance, many pest species are nocturnal and there is only so much a hunting spotlight can see at night. Thermal devices can be easily picked up and used to scan very quickly. The Nighthunter H35 from Steiner is without a doubt a premium handheld thermal monocular. As a result, premium optics do come with the associated price tags, however there is a high level of quality delivered specifically designed for the serious hunter.

To clarify, the high price of the H35 is due to three major factors within the optic, the high-end image sensor, Germanium lens crystal and the high definition display. The advantages of the Steiner monocular over lower priced options also include extra features such as the massive detection range on the optic.

Thermal optics are also popular items to have in the urban survival/bugout world. If you haven’t already, checkout GarandThumbs latest urban survival video where he discusses the importance of having a thermal capability.


Steiner are involved in the defence sector and have been producing thermal optics for over 10 years. With Steiner’s acquisition by Beretta, Steiner’s thermal technology has become available in this first offering for the civilian market. Based in Germany, Steiner was started by Karl Steiner in 1947. The company has a long-standing reputation for producing rugged optics with high quality material.


The optic is built extremely well and the milspec housing is very robust. On the whole, the high-quality construction gave me absolute confidence that the H35 is built to take a beating in the field and still perform. The optic is covered in a matte black finish which doesn’t allow for any reflections giving you away. The front of the optic has a lens cover which protects the front of the optic and is easily put on and off. The Germanium lens on the H35 is made from a grown crystal and requires specialised equipment to process it. The result is an amazingly clear thermal picture that truly is incredible to see.

The rear of the scope has an eye cup that helps block out any light when using it. The optic will operate in temperatures between -10 and +50 degrees Celsius, satisfying the vast majority of hunters needs.

When I was recording video and photos onto the device it is made easy by having 16-gigabyte of internal memory. To access the photos and recorded videos, you can do this through the Steiner Connect app available for Apple and Android or through the supplied USB data cable. Whilst on the Steiner Connect app, you can also stream the image of the optic onto your device where the app is installed.

The optic also features a swivel mount on the bottom, allowing for mounting to a tripod.


A surprising feature on the optic is the zoom capability. The Nighthunter H35 has a 1 to 8 power zoom which allows you to get a great close up of identified targets. The front lens housing also contains a manual objective focus. This ensures the user achieves a crystal-clear picture of their target. 


Steiner have clearly spent a lot of time on ergonomics and understanding how the end user will operate the optic, whether its in low light or wearing gloves.

There are five buttons on the top of the optic. The buttons are extremely intuitive to use and only after a few minutes of use I was able to remember all the buttons functions without looking at which button I was pressing as their positioning just made sense. 

The first button is used to turn the device on and off. The up and down arrows act as menu navigation and zoom functions. The middle ‘M’ button brings up the menu options for the device and allow you to fine tune brightness, contrast and many many more settings. An extended press of the rear photo button starts recording video and a short press takes a photo.

Thermal Vision

Quantumvision is the name Steiner has given to its thermal tech on display in the Nighthunter. It features a huge 1280 x 960 resolution. Thermal monoculars don’t require any other light to work and function in complete darkness.

The optic has an impressive high frame rate of 50hz which makes the vision incredibly smooth.
There are five colour modes including white hot, black hot, adjustable red hot, iron, and blue hot. There is even a picture in picture mode to gain extra detail of the target without losing the wide field of view.

The maximum range on the optic is listed as 1800 meters, however as you can see from the table below, the H35 is able to detect targets at much greater distances. Combining the device with a tripod and utilising the zoom function truly makes the H35 Nighthunter a powerful tool for detection and recognition of targets.

Man: 1800 mMan: 450 mMan: 225 m
Vehicle: 4400 mVehicle: 1100 mVehicle: 550 m
Deer: 3200 mDeer: 825 mDeer: 400 m
Coyote: 2000 mCoyote: 500 mCoyote: 250 m


The battery on the H35 lasts for around 4+ hours of continuous use through the onboard rechargeable battery. I charged up the optic through the rechargeable battery and its charged through a USB-C cable. If you are away from a power socket you can always use a battery pack to charge it. Still, some users have said they prefer a removable battery, but I was surprised at just how well the internal battery lasts considering the heavy use and amount of video recording I did in my first weekend hunting trip with it.


The thermal comes in at 695 grams or 24.5 ounces. The rugged construction of the optic adds a lot of this weight, yet I prefer to have a heavier device if I know it’s built to last and perform in the field.

What’s Included in the Box

  • Quality storing bag with a Steiner logo,
  • Different types of electrical power connectors
  • Power adapter, a USB cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Lens cloth
  • Carrying strap for both the bag and the device.


The Steiner H35 Nighthunter is an incredibly impressive thermal monocular with high quality military grade thermal technology helping to identify targets. The Steiner Connect app, allowing you to view the video stream of the device, check the recorded media and access the settings which is an amazing feature to have. The high resolution and fast refresh rate allow for rapid target acquisition and a clear picture. If you are looking for a thermal, get the H35 Nighthunter. 


  • Magnification
  • High Optical Quality
  • Remote Access via Steiner Connect App
  • Durable Construction


  • Nil

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