ZeroTech Trace Advanced 4.5-27×50 Review

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

New to the optics scene ZeroTech have hit the ground running offering up a variety of optics including red dots, low power variable optics all the way up to the long range Trace Advanced. These optics are close to home for me, with ZeroTech being an Australian owned company. Another great factor about this company is that all ZeroTech scopes do come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable between owners.

For long range shooting I got hold of the ZeroTech Trace Advanced to help the .308 Ruger Precision Rifle reach out. The high magnification range and reticle on this model is a perfect match to my requirements of sending rounds down range at short and long distances. The price point of the ZeroTech Trace Advanced is very competitive and has some tough competition within the price bracket but luckily the Trace Advanced is packed with features that make it great value for money.


The magnification range on the Trace Advanced is 4.5-27×50, which provides the capability for engaging targets at close range and at long distance. The 27x magnification gives more than enough for the long distance shooting enthusiast to get an extremely clear look at their target. I fitted the ZeroTech throw lever to the optic as I find almost all magnification rings harder to turn in cooler weather. Having a throw lever also makes magnification changes easier in general and are highly recommended if you are doing any competition shooting.


The scope is a one piece 30mm aluminum tube and does feel very sturdy. I have confidence that it can take a hit out hunting and still do its job, however I cant say that for all scopes in the same price bracket. A nice feature is the included alloy flip-up covers for the scopes lenses. I usually find myself having to purchase good quality scope caps as an additional cost when buying a scope, so it was great to see it came with a good set already included.

I was also glad to see a wide field of view at lower magnifications as well, which helps when hunting in the bush here in Australia. Its also a strength useful to competition shooters to easily identify targets at closer ranges. The 91mm to 100mm of eye relief is a good range and allows people who wear glasses enough room to get the right sight picture. Overall the scope is constructed very well for the price point it sits in. 


The first thing that stands out with the turrets is the turret locking system on the windage and elevation turrets. Simply pulling the turret up unlocks the dial and enables changes. Pressing down on the turret then locks it in place ensuring changes aren’t made accidentally. I am a huge fan of this feature as it ensures you don’t accidentally change your zero when carrying the rifled slung on your shoulder. 

The scope does comes with features the long range and competition shooter expects such as Zero Stop. This ensures the scope can be returned to its original zeroed elevation after dialing up.

The turrets provide firm and smooth clicks when changing elevation and windage. The parallax adjustment is located on the left side of the optic and is adjustable from 25 meters to infinity. 

Once zeroing the optic I conducted a tracking test to see just how well the Trace Advanced holds its zero. After several revolutions up and down of the elevation and windage turrets and returning them to the pre-set zero, it was perfectly aligned. 


The reticle on the Trace Advanced is the ZeroTech RMG in first focal plane. The reticle is designed to give the user the ability to apply elevation and windage hold overs. Using holdovers can be a lot quicker that dialing changes so its good to see a reticle that caters perfectly to this. The reticle itself it glass etched which improves the consistency and accuracy of the hashmarks.

The reticle is available in both MRAD and MOA variants. The floating dot in the center of the reticle is perfect for the long range shooter to correctly identify the point of aim.


One of the scopes biggest strengths is the quality of the glass at the price bracket. The optic features 92% light transmission which is great on a 50mm objective lens. The added brightness is something to look for if undertaking a lot of shooting at night or late evening. The lenses are also coated with weathershield to protect from impacts fog may have.


The ZeroTech Trace Advanced comes in at 834grams/29ounces. This is a great weight for an optic of this magnification, ensuring its not too heavy for a hunting or competition rifle setup.


ZeroTech are onto a winner with the Trace Advanced. I have since had some mates say that it out performs some of their more household named scopes when they got behind the optic. Follow our social media channels as the YouTube review of the Trace Advanced will be released soon! For more information on the Trace Advanced and all other ZeroTech optics, checkout their website here.


  • Flip Up Scope Covers Included
  • Decent Glass
  • Good Reticle
  • Great Warranty


  • No Sunshade 

Included In The Box:

  • Heavy Duty Alloy Flip-Up Covers
  • Turret Allen Key
  • 3 Spare Turret Grub Screws
  • Instruction Manual
  • Reticle Range Chart
  • High Quality Microfibre Cloth Get


Focal PlaneFirst (FFP)
Reticle calibrated magnification power (SFP only)N/A
Magnification Range4.5-27x
Objective Lens Diameter50mm
Maintube Diameter30mm
Zero StopYes
Turret Index Value0.1MILS
Internal Elevation Adjustment17.5MILS
Internal Windage Adjustment16MILS
Parallax Adjustment Range25 Meters – Infinity
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 9.5mm; High: 1.9mm
Eye Relief91-100mm
Field Of View @100 MetersLow:7.4m; High: 1.3m
Objective Outer Diameter57.5mm
Ocular Outer Diameter43.5mm
Available ReticlesRMG
Light Transmission92%

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