New Laser Rangefinders from Vortex

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

Vortex Optics have released a new line of rangefinders. The new rangefinders come in three variants, the Crossfire HD, Diamondback HD and Viper HD. All three rangefinders feature horizontal component distance measurement for angle calculations when shooting up for down a mountain as well as regular line of sight mode.

Having used a Vortex rangefinder for the past four years I can say they are great value and come with a lifetime warranty. The main differences between the models is the maximum ranging distances and weight. The further the distance the optic can range, the heavier they become. The entire specification information for all of the new Vortex rangefinders can be found at the bottom of the article. 

Crossfire HD 1400

Range Reflective:1400 yds / 1280 meters
Range Tree:950 yds / 868 meters
Range Deer:750 yds / 685 meters
Weight: 4.8 oz / 136 g 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect go-to laser rangefinder for bow and rifle hunters alike, you’ve found it in the Crossfire® HD 1400. It carries light and hits hard, offering up to 1400 yards of ranging capability through a crisp, HD optical system.

Diamondback HD 2000

Range Reflective: 2000 yds / 1828 meters
Range Tree: 1800 yds / 1645 meters
Range Deer: 1400 yds / 1280 meters
Weight: 7.6 oz / 215 g

The Diamondback® HD 2000 takes hunters farther with a 2, 000-yard max range and HD optics to keep your target clear even at long-range.

Viper HD 3000

Range Reflective: 3000 yds / 2743 meters
Range Tree: 2300 yds / 2103 meters
Range Deer: 2000 yds / 1828 meters
Weight: 9.1 oz / 256 g

Open country or in tall timber, precision and speed mean the difference between filling your freezer and tag soup. The Viper® HD 3000 laser rangefinder gives you the tools to act quickly and confidently, with a 3,000-yard max range and a stunning HD optical system that lets you pinpoint big game faster at distance. Four target modes (Normal, First, Last, ELR) and two ranging modes (LOS, HCD) mean you get the flexibility to range any shot on any hunt, making the Viper® HD 3000 perfect for the treestand and the mountains.


 Viper HD 3000Diamondback HD 2000Crossfire HD 1400
Accuracy+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
Max Reflective Range3,000 yards2,000 yards1,400 yards
Tree Range2,300 yards1,800 yards950 yards
Deer Range2,000 yards1,400 yards750 yards
Min Range6 yards5 yards5 yards
Linear Field of View
(at 1,000 yards)
Angular Field of View6 degrees6.4 degrees7 degrees

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