New Premium Thermal Monocular – Zeiss DTI 6

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

Thermal optics are becoming more and more popular amongst hunters and especially in the defense sector. Some of the top optics manufacturers in the world have produced impressive thermals such as the Steiner H35 Nighthunter and the Swarovski tM 35. Zeiss has released a competitor in the premium thermal market with the unveiling of the new DTI 6.

The DTI 6 features a 640 x 480 sensor and a 1024 x 768 display. The detection distance is listed at 2,000 meters with more details to follow about maximum and optimal use distances. An interesting feature is the inclusion of two interchangeable lenses, a 40mm lens for open fields and a 20mm lens for more forested or narrower areas.

Battery life on the Zeiss DTI 6 is listed as 6.5 hours of continuous use and the optic will include the ability to swap out the battery. Another interesting feature is the device automatically going into a battery saving standby mode when lowered and reactivating when raised.

From previous testing with premium thermal optics, we have found that mounting the unit on a tripod and utilising the zoom function can give the user an impressive advantage. The Zeiss DTI 6 features a zoom capability up to 10x.

Zeiss have stated that the optic will be released last quarter 2022 and will retail for around the 4500 USD / 6500 AUD.

Zeiss’s website states the following:

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ZEISS is introducing the DTI 6, a new thermal imaging camera with exceptional image quality – to precisely identify details in the darkness and during the day.

With the two interchangeable lenses with focal lengths of 20 mm to 40mm, the ZEISS DTI 6 can be easily adapted to different hunting situations.

ZEISS presents its new high-end thermal imaging camera, the DTI 6, which features exceptional image quality thanks to the innovative proprietary ZEISS Smart Image Processing (ZSIP) Pro algorithm. Developed, designed, and manufactured in Germany, the DTI 6 features an intuitive operating concept and smart power management, making it a reliable companion when hunting. “The ZEISS DTI 6 is a reflection of our many years of development, dedication, and expertise to achieve a new standard in thermal imaging technology,” said Tammo Lueken, Head of Category Management Hunting at ZEISS.

  Identify more details with innovative ZEISS image processing

“When identifying game, you often encounter large temperature differences. For example, a very cold sky and a warm animal. Comparable image processing algorithms have struggled to compensate for this, making it difficult to identify the details you are looking for. With the proprietary ZSIP Pro image processing algorithm, the DTI 6 takes detail recognition to a new level,” explained Lueken. In addition to preprocessing the sensor signal to achieve excellent image quality and noise reduction, the algorithm also optimizes contrast by dividing the entire image into several quadrants and optimizing them individually. In addition, the device intelligently adapts and sharpens the image so that he heat sources from the game stands out from the background with high contrast and sharpness. “This produces a particularly detailed image in every hunting situation, and hunters can relax and focus on the center of the image and do not have to constantly shift their view,” said Lueken. Together with a 640 x 480 sensor with 12-micron pixel pitch, a high-resolution 1024 x 768 HD AMOLED display, and the new DynamicZoom concept with optical magnification of 1.5x or 3.0x and digital zoom of up to 10x, the ZEISS DTI 6 provides hunters the ability to recognize details with exceptional precision in order to reliably identify targets during the hunt.

    Intuitive operating concept

“Operating a thermal imaging device should make hunting in the dark easier and not present any additional challenges,” remarked Lueken, who is an experienced hunter himself. Thanks to the ErgoControl concept, a precise scroll wheel, and the easy-to-navigate user interface, users can select the different zoom levels and individual menu items easily and precisely. This allows for fast and intuitive handling even in stressful situations, while wearing gloves, as well as for both left-handed and right-handed users. The specially developed eyepiece was designed to be perfectly compatible with the screen, which almost completely fills the field of view and thus offers an immersive viewing experience, even for people who wear glasses.

    Reliable and intelligent

“With its battery runtime of 6.5 hours, a removable battery, and a smart standby mode that automatically turns on or off when the thermal imaging camera is raised or lowered, the ZEISS DTI 6 provides smart power management for maximum run time,” noted Lueken. Thanks to its integration with the ZEISS Hunting app, the DTI 6 supports easy data transfer via Bluetooth, which automatically switches to Wi-Fi when transferring larger amounts of data. In addition, a wide range of configuration options, such as the ability to set a preferred zoom speed or select from different observation modes, allow hunters to fully customize the DTI 6 to their individual needs. ZEISS will release new firmware updates on a regular basis to continuously enhance the DTI, which users can easily download via the ZEISS Hunting app and install on the device themselves.

    Equipped for every hunting situation – with two interchangeable lenses

Whether in the forest or in the field – the thermal imaging camera needs to meet demands that vary from situation to situation. The long 40 mm focal length of the DTI 6/40 provides a wider field of view for use in the open field, while the 20 mm focal length makes the DTI 6/20 perfect for identifying game in forested areas. These additionally available interchangeable lenses can be used to adapt the camera to different hunting situations.

    Pricing and availability

The new ZEISS DTI 6/40 thermal imaging camera will be available from retailers in fall/winter 2022 with a suggested retail price of €4,800 and an RRP of €4,500 for the ZEISS DTI 6/20. An interchangeable lens can be purchased separately at an RRP of €600 for the 20mm lens and €900 for the 40mm lens. An additional rechargeable li-ion battery with an RRP of €140 and a charging cradle with an RRP of €80 (all prices incl. German VAT) .


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