Budget Night Vision Review – Oneleaf NV 100 Commander

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

There’s a variety of night vision and thermal devices available on the market today all with varying prices. I got my hands on some budget Amazon night vision that’s made in China and tested how it performs.

The Oneleaf NV 100 retails for around 300 US or 500 Australian dollars currently on Amazon. 

This night vision set is designed for engaging targets out to a maximum distance of around 300 meters. It’s main purpose is for hunting rabbits, foxes or pig’s at night. The Oneleaf NV 100 is a digital clip on unit that converts your usual daytime scope to night vision. You can also use it as a monocular without attaching it to a scope.

The unit consists of the IR laser, battery and focus wheel. All the settings are accessible on the rear, including the IR illuminator levels, camera button, menu, zoom and power switch.

Oneleaf NV 100

The sensor in the unit is the Sony Stravis CMOS which is also used in Sony cameras. The beam on the IR illuminator can be adjusted through six different intensity levels and I found the highest level setting does an impressive job of lighting up a pitch black field.

Video recording is in 1080P resolution and records at 30 frames per second. You can see from the review video, the footage is very clear.

Oneleaf NV 100

The unit has a 1 to 3 Digital Zoom which helps focus on targets that are a lot further away.

You can connect the night vision monocular to a PC through the USB cable for data transfers. It also comes with a 32 GB SD card that can be taken out for data transfer. The NV 100 supports SD cards up to 256GB in size.

The battery has a 6 hour run time before needing a recharge. The weight of the unit is 12 oz or 340 grams, making it fairly lightweight. Considering how light the NV 100 is, it is solid and also waterproof. 

The NV-100 Comes with three scope adapters 42mm 45mm 48mm which covers off on the majority of scopes available. These adapters are used to fit the NV-100 onto your existing optic.

Oneleaf NV 100

For the low price point, the NV 100 is a neat unit that will get the job done out to the 300m mark. Consider this optic if you are running on a tight budget and need some ability for night vision. You can check out more specifications of the NV 100 and links to it below.

Oneleaf NV 100

Oneleaf NV 100 Commander


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