Optics Spotlight – Maven RS.4 Review [5-30x56mm]

Last updated on October 11th, 2023

My favorite aspect of Maven Optics is the high contrast Japanese glass used in their optics range. For those unfamiliar, Maven are a Wyoming based company who are truly underrated in the optics world. Of late they are becoming more popular amongst the sporting and hunting community, especially here in Australia. Maven are a direct to customer company, meaning that you won’t find them on display at your local gun shop, instead they are available directly through their website. The pro for this is that it keeps the cost down not having a retail markup, the negative is that it limits their exposure to the general shooter. I only came across them on a hunting trip where a mate brought his Maven spotting scope along. I very quickly became a fan and picked up the RS.3.

Maven Optics RS4

The RS.4 is a premium model that brings some very attractive features for the long distance shooter. Worth mentioning is that Maven allow some colour customisation on alot of their products, particularly their binoculars. The RS.4 comes in a black or a black and gray variant seen below.

Popular in the long distance community, the 5-30x magnification offers an excellent range for close range all the way out to very long range at 30x. The RS.4 is in the first focal plane and is offered in 4 different reticle optics which include SHR-W (MOA), MOA-2 (MOA), SHR-W (MIL), and CFR-MIL (MIL). These include 4 levels of red and green illumination which is activated through the illumination dial on the left hand turret.

The turrets are exposed and features nice knurling for ease of use. The Maven Optics RS.4 has a total elevation range of 120 MOA/35.5 MIL and 50 MOA/14.6 MIL for windage. Each turret rotation is 25 MOA/10 MIL with click values of 0.25 MOA/0.1 MIL. The left-hand turret also houses the parallax adjustment which starts at 15 yards and goes out to infinity.

Maven Optics RS4

Its a compact scope measuring 325mm/12.79in and weighing in at 35.4oz/1003g. Its pushing the heavier side of rifle optics but its packing great build quality and features. The 34mm tube contains the huge magnification range as well as the large 56mm objective lens which helps provide the exceptionally clear, bright and high contrast image.

I often compare Mavens Japanese glass with it being just under the Austrian made Kahles glass in performance but coming in at half the price point. This quality of glass is really where Maven’s price is good value.

Maven Optics RS4

For those still not convinced, Maven Optics do come with a lifetime warranty which does add some comfort when purchasing. I already run a Maven RS.3 5-30x50mm on my hunting rifle and could see a RS.4 on one of my long distance target rifles in the future.

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