The Ultimate Hearing Pro Upgrade: Sordin Supreme Pro-X Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

One of the most important safety aspects of shooting is hearing protection. I make this a priority at the range by investing in some of the best hearing protection available and that’s why I picked up the latest Sordin Supreme Pro-X.

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Vs Peltor

Two of the most common higher-end electronic hearing protection sets seen on the range are the Sordin Supreme Pro-X’s and the Peltor ComTacs. Having used both I much prefer the more slimline Sordin’s and when the latest version with new audio profiles was released, I picked up a pair.

The Supreme Pro-X’s are used all over the world by military, range shooters and heavy equipment operators. These users require reliable hearing protection in noisy environments without compromising the ability to hear important sounds and communication. The electronic function of the headset works by compressing harmful levels of noise whilst allowing surrounding noise in.

Sordin Supreme Pro

When looking at high quality hearing protection for shooting, you want to ensure you are getting the best sound cancelling capabilities to protect your hearing. The Sordin’s don’t completely cut off loud noise, they compress the noise down to a safe level and amplify the lower sounds, letting you hear others and communicate whilst using firearms. This is particularly important for shooting competitions and at the range where you are making shots but need to be able to hear corrections, or safety instructions.

Used by military and special operations units, these are built for use in the field. I used my previous pair for over three years and since picking up the latest set these have become my spare set for lending to friends that come along to the range.

HEAR Profiles

The new Sordin Supreme Pro X’s include audio profiles known as ‘HEAR’. There are four different HEAR profiles available, each designed for specific applications. These include, the Shooting mode which is traditional mode electronic hearing mode for use in military, law enforcement or at the range, while the Hunter mode is designed for use in hunting environments where ambient sounds like animal noises and rustling leaves are increased.

Sordin Supreme Pro

The Focus mode provides high amplification of a wider spectrum for clearer and a heightened situational awareness, ideal for hunting in a static position. The Sordin’s feature an auxiliary audio input that allows for connection to external communication devices, such as radios or smartphones. This is where the Comms mode comes into play, it turns off ambient noise and only transmits the 3.5mm AUX input for clearer communication in loud environments.

Sordin Supreme Pro


Being mil-spec the Sordins are completely waterproof and designed to work in a range of harsh environments and still perform. The Sordin’s have dual microphones which provide a stereo effect and aids in identifying the direction of sounds.

The Supreme-Pro X’s weigh in at 332 grams, making them lightweight and easy to throw into the range bag. The fit and feel of the Supreme-Pro X’s doesn’t disappoint, their solid construction and comfort is what makes them one of the best hearing protection headsets on the market. The Sordin’s feature ergonomic ear cups, ensuring a comfortable fit even during extended wear. The headband is fully adjustable to accommodate different head sizes and can be customised for a secure fit.

An added extra for comfort are the gel seals which offer a form fitting seal around your ear. The gel cups are a little more comfortable than the standard foam ear cups, but as I spend a lot of time at the range it’s a worthwhile upgrade for me.

Sordin Supreme Pro

Battery Life

The Sordin’s take 2 x AAA batteries which last for around 400 hours of use. They will turn off after 4 hours of use to save battery in case they are left on. I tend to replace my batteries at the same time every year so I never find myself with a flat headset.


Combining effective noise reduction, enhanced situational awareness, and communication capabilities, the new HEAR profiles offer a range of uses when operating in high-noise environments. With its advanced profiles, comfortable design, and durability, the Supreme Pro-X has become a top choice for professionals. Offering not only hearing protection but the ability to hear important sounds and communicate better in challenging environments .

Sordin Supreme Pro-X

These hit every mark for me, providing the best hearing protection for shooting in a well designed and built unit. The price is on the higher end of hearing pro but the investment in quality protection is worth it in the long run.

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