First Look! The New Sako 90 Series Rifles

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

Sako have a long history of making quality firearms, having been established back in 1921. The world class firearms manufacturer produces some of the best hunting, target shooting and military firearms available. I am personally a big supporter of their work, owning a TRG and a 85 Finnlight II.

Images courtesy of Sako

Sako have just announced the new Sako 90 series which includes seven new rifle models tailored for back-country, mountain and traditional game hunting disciplines. What immediately stands out is the new picatinny optics interface.

Sako 90 Adventure

Sako 90 Peak

Sako 90 Quest

Sako 90 Hunter

Sako 90 Hunter Stainless

90 Varmint Laminated Stainless

Sako 90 Bavarian

The Sako 90 family has three dedicated rifle models (Sako 90 Peak, Sako 90 Quest and Sako 90 Quest Ultra) designed for passionate mountain and backcountry hunters who are inspired by experiencing the great outdoors and are ready to take up hunting challenges in high altitudes while demanding the absolute best performance, robustness, lightweight and balance from their rifle. Sako 90 family has also 4 dedicated rifle models (Sako 90 Hunter, Sako 90 Bavarian, Sako 90 Adventure and Sako 90 Varmint) embracing the specific requirements of the classic game hunting disciplines ranging from big to small game

Miikka Tamminen, R&D Director, Sako Ltd.  

The Sako 75 series was first launched in 1997 and celebrated Sako’s 75th anniversary. In 2006 Sako then celebrated their 85th anniversary and launched the popular Sako 85 series.

The Sako 90 series will have 5 action sizes with the first available batches and other action sizes and related calibre groups to become available at dealers later in 2023 and 2024. The Sako 90 Quest Ultra model featuring the new Sako carbon barrel will become available at dealers in Q4 2023. Checkout Sako’s website for more information here.

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