Discovery Optics ED-PRS 5-25×56 FFP Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

New shooters often look for optics with high value at a low price point. That’s where budget optics have a role to play in the long distance shooting community.  Discovery Optics sent out the ED-PRS 5-25×56 which fits this category and has great value to offer for the budget minded shooter.

Retailing at the $399 USD price point the main competitor for the ED-PRS, is the Vortex Venom 5-25×56 which retails for $100 more at $499 USD. Both optics are made in China, like most optics at the low price point.

An important consideration for all optic purchases is the warranty offered. Discovery Optics have a lifetime transferable warranty on their optics which is the ideal warranty to have on any optic.


The optic is on the larger size with its 34mm tube, 56mm objective lens and large turrets. The ED-PRS 5-25×56 is listed as being shock-resistant and its large size will help with durability. It is built with a one-piece aluminum tube and is nitrogen purged to prevent fogging in cold or humid conditions. The scope is also waterproof making it suitable for use in the field. The build quality is comparable to the Vortex Venom and has a nice finish overall.

There are a truck load of extras thrown in, these include a small throw lever to help make magnification changes more easily and faster. High profile scope rings are included which are great for a rifle with a 20 MOA rail, however might be a little too high without one. A scope leveling system is thrown in which is similar to the set that Spuhr include with their scope mounts. Lastly there are three different sized sunshades also included.


My favorite feature of this optic and where it gains a major advantage over the Vortex Venom is the glass quality. The scope is built with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass, which helps to minimise chromatic aberration and improve colour accuracy. The lens is also fully multi-coated, which enhances light transmission and provides a clear, sharp image.


The reticle is in the first focal plane, which means that the hashmark sub-tensions remain accurate at all magnification levels. It is a ‘Christmas tree’ style reticle, meaning that is has extensive hashmarks for windage and elevation holdovers. Hash-marks on the reticle can be used to offset the bullet drop and wind effect, by holding over at a lower point in the reticle. Utilising hold-overs can be a quicker alternative to dialing windage and elevation changes on the scopes turrets.

Another extra feature over the Venom is the inclusion of illumination. The illumination dial is located on the left side of the optic and when activated illuminates the center of the crossfire.


The massive uncapped turrets give you one main advantage, they are easier to grip and make adjustments on. Small turrets mean its difficult to read the numbers and get onto the exact adjustment value, however you wont have that problem here. I prefer to use medium sized turrets and found these to be a little too large for my preference.

For a budget minded optic, the clicks are positive, audible and better than the Venom.
Click values are in .1 MRAD and tracking tests haven’t shown any loss. Elevation and windage turrets have a range of 30 MILS of internal elevation. There are 10 MIL per revolution of the turret. Parallax minimum of 15 yards out to infinity. The parallax is smooth with the enlarged reel providing better leverage.


Overall, the Discovery Optics ED-PRS 5-25×56 is a great budget rifle scope that is designed to provide hunters, target shooters, and long-range shooters with a clear, image and reliable performance in a variety of conditions. Its good quality glass, construction, and versatile reticle make it a good choice in the budget category.

At this price point it does have competition with the Vortex Venom, but the ED-PRS 5-25×56 does provide excellent value by having much better glass than the Venom. Like all optics, each person will have their own preferences however this scope exceeded my expectations and although I prefer smaller turrets, I am sure there will be plenty of shooters who are not bothered by these and will be quite pleased with this scope.

The optic is available from Amazon with the link below or directly from DiscoveryOptics. Use code PrecisionRifle for 5% off the DiscoveryOptics site.

Discovery Optics ED-PRS 5-25×56


Tube Dia: 34mm (1.34inch)
Length: 415mm ( 16.34 inch)
Weight:1156g( 40.78 oz)
Focal Plane: First Focal Plane
Illumination: YES(Red with 6 positions)
Adjust Focus: Side Parallax
Side Parallax Adjustment (Yds): 15Yds-Infinity
Field of View(Degrees):4.68°-0.93°
Zero Reset: YES
Zero Stop: YES
Revolution Indicator: NO
Zero Lock: YES(Lock=Down)
Click Adjustment Value: 0.1MRAD
Elevation Adj. Range: over 30 MRAD
Windage Adj. Range:8.7MRAD
Coating: Fully Multi-coated Lenses
Nitrogen Filled: Yes
Shock Proof: 1500G
Water Proof: 1M/30Min
Fog Proof: Yes

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