TriggerCam 2.1 Review

Last updated on February 9th, 2024

The TriggerCam 2.1 has been out for around a year now and I thought id pick one up and see how it works. My motivation for getting one was using the 4k video down scope to help show off reticles for optic reviews. I was hesitant at first due to the $995 AUD / $600 USD price tag including shipping over to Australia but went ahead with it as I thought it would be a worthy investment. Preempting its arrival I watched a bunch of YouTube videos showing how its setup, and its functions so I could to dive right into using it at the range the next day. Once it got here I felt confident I could get it installed and up and running quickly. That was not the case.

Fitting it over the scope was the easy part, you select the appropriate sized collar for your scope and slide the TriggerCam on. Then download the TriggerCam 2.1 app through the app store. Once connected to my phone, all I could see through the app was a black screen. I scoured the internets for a solution before reaching out a few hours after it arrived to TriggerCam support who emailed back with a solution that worked. Turning the mobile data off for the TriggerCam app.

Great, I can see down scope through my phone now. Little did I know that the battery life I was using would be the last I would ever have for my TriggerCam. I was able to fit it to my rifle, tighten it up using the included Allen key and start to find the right focus point. Once I had it focused (more on this frustrating experience later) the battery was flat and I put it on charge. It never was able to hold charge again.  I tried all the usual stuff technical support asked me such as resetting the unit, removing the SD card but to no avail.

After a week of radio silence I again reached out asking for help. I got the same solutions given to me, to plug it into different devices, format the SD card etc. I explained I had already done all these and again requested more help. Nothing back from TriggerCam for over a week again. So I sent another email asking TriggerCam for a replacement and still waiting on a response.

I know a lot of people who have functioning TriggerCams’s, unfortunately I didn’t get one. Lucky I have a sympathetic friend who lent me theirs as I think they were sick of hearing me complain about my battery issues.

From spending the day with a working one I finally got to see how it functions in person, overall the unit feels solid and could easily take a hit in the field and keep rolling. Weighing in at 453 grams, the exterior finish is smooth and gives you confidence its up to taking recoil from larger calibers.

I quickly got the hang of using the two buttons on the side, one to turn on and the other to start/stop recording. Video can be recorded at 1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps and 4K 30fps. I found there is however a ‘TriggerCam’ watermark imprinted on the bottom corner of all videos that also includes the date and no option to remove it which is disappointing.

One of the biggest negatives using the TriggerCam is the TriggerCam app. It connects your phone to the device through WiFi however there is a delay from the video down scope reaching your phone, which makes adjusting the focus of the TriggerCam a huge pain. I was making adjustments and waiting 7 to 10 seconds for the ‘live’ video to catch up so I could see the change.

Overall it seems like the TriggerCam 2.1 is still in alpha and not ready for full release. The initial setup procedure of making focus adjustments is incredibly painful due to the video delay. My unit’s battery is clearly faulty and three weeks later I am still waiting on a replacement unit which I dont think I am ever going to get. Based on these experiences with my TriggerCam 2.1 and the absolute lack of customer service support, I cant recommend it. If anyone is looking for an expensive paperweight you know who to contact.

** Update: Three weeks later and TriggerCam have finally offered to exchange my faulty camera!

Have encountered another problem with the Triggercam, the tool included with the kit to open up the slots on-top of the unit is pretty flimsy. I have only used it a few times to open up the top compartments and already its broken and doesn’t really work anymore. I had to use a coin to open up unit to insert the memory card.

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