Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25×56 Review

Last updated on March 5th, 2024

The Leupold Mark 5HD line of scopes are a popular choice in both the long range and tactical shooting worlds. In this review we will cover off on the features and specifications of the Mark 5HD.


Leupold has a long history in the US, eventually becoming an optics company in 1947 after originally starting out as a surveying company. From there Leupold have become one of the most recognised optics manufacturers in the world. The high quality, made in the USA reputation of Leupold added to our excitement for checking out the MK5.

Leupold Mark 5HD

The Mark 5HD is available in three variants, 3.6-18×44, 5-25×56 and 7-35×56. In this review we are looking at the long range 5-25×56 model. The 5-25×56 variant is the ultimate optic for practical rifle competitions and long-range shooting. We were lucky enough to spend some trigger time behind one of our buddies Mark 5HD’s and see how it stacked up against the competition.


A tactical optic at this price point has to be built tough and thankfully the Leupold Mark 5HD doesn’t disappoint. The 35mm maintube is solid and gives the shooter confidence in the durability of the scope. The size of the maintube needs to be considered when purchasing rings for the optic, as it takes 35mm rings.


This is the element of the scope we were most interested in seeing, just how clear are the Mark 5HD’s? We ran the scope through varying magnifications out to 700 meters and were impressed. There were no blurry edges at any magnification and the amount of light captured made the image crystal clear. Leupold coat the glass with a special treatment that aids light transmission and also protects against abrasions.

As the sun was setting a true test of the glass was how it performed in low light. This is a feature we like to test as it truly shows how much light an optic can capture when it needs it the most. The Mark 5HD once again didn’t disappoint in its ability to remain bright. Looking at the specifications of the glass, Leupold coat their lenses in a coating called Twilight Max HD which give the optic its advantage in these settings.

From a hunting perspective, low light transmission is an important feature as some game animals only come lower off the mountains at dawn and dusk. This provides situations that highlight the importance of the amount of light an optic can capture.


The first feature that stands out is the removable throw lever. Throw levers are a great feature to assist in quickly changing magnification. The magnification ring on the Mark 5 HD moves consistently and has a good level of resistance.

The 5-25×56 offers a great range of magnification for reaching out to long ranges and is the perfect level of magnification for our shooting needs. The optic does come in a lower-level magnification of 3.6-18×44 to suit shooters taking shots at shorter distances and those wanting a lighter weight optic.

The larger 7-36×56 magnification is truly a beast when you will be reaching out to some extremely long ranges. The higher magnification does come with some payoffs as the weight of the optic increases.


Leupold have some great reticles to choose from and the Mark 5HD comes in six different reticles to suit a variety of users preferences. We were using the Tremor 3 reticle which has a history of being used by multiple Precision Rifle Series champions in the US as well as a variety of military units. The Tremor 3 reticle is packed with features including time of flight wind dots, range bars and moving target holds. When considering reticle choice, remember that a less ‘busy’ reticle can be easier to identify game if the optic is being used for hunting purposes.


At this price point, the turrets are where the Mark 5HD starts gaining an advantage from the competition. The optic offers familiar zeroing where you remove screws, move the turret to the new zero and tighten up the screws. Leupold included a feature on the elevation turret that sets it apart from the competition. There is a risk when using an optic with exposed turrets that the turrets position could change when being carried on the shoulder. Leupold have added a button on the elevation turret that when pressed it lets the elevation setting change. The button is easy to use and fantastic feature for a rifle that gets heavy field use.


The windage turret on the Mark 5HD is covered under a threaded cap. The use of hold overs for wind is likely the reason for the windage turret being capped, as most precision rifle shooters and long range hunters will opt for a hold over rather than click adjustments. The option however is still there for turret windage adjustments.

The zero mark for windage is also not in a traditional place, the zero is located offset above the normal spot on an optic. This gives the user an easier way to see the zero location for windage when behind the scope. The parallax adjustment is marked for 75, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 yards to infinity.


The Leupold Mark 5HD in 5-25×56 weighs in at 30oz/850g. The overall light weigh of the optic shines through as a strength. In comparison seen below, the Mark 5HD is substantially lighter. Of course weight isn’t a relevant factor for all shooters, however it is something to consider in combination with the weight of the rifle.

Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25×5630oz/850g
Nightforce ATACR 5-25×5637.6oz/1066g
Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27×5648.5oz/1374g

The 3.6-18×44 weights at 26 oz/737g and the larger 7-35×56 is 33oz/935g


The optic shines with a quality lightweight design coupled with features built for the field. The optic is a great choice for shooters looking for a long-range scope that is reliable and built for field use. For long range hunting, the weight and simple reticle options make the Mark 5HD difficult to pass up.


  • Well Made
  • Durable
  • Fantastic Quality Glass
  • High Light Transmission


  • Pricey, however you can save hundreds off discounted showroom models at EuroOptic.


Adjustable ObjectiveNo
Elevation Adjustment TypeM5C3
Locking DialYes
Revolution IndicatorYes
Rezero TypeSet Screw
Windage Adjustment TypeCapped
Custom Dial System (CDS)No
Custom Dial CompatibleYes
BDC Dial IncludedNo
Reticle TypeFirst Focal Plane
ReticleFFP Tremor 3
Magnification TypeVariable
Nightvision Compatible IlluminationNo
Daylight Bright IlluminationNo
Motion Sensor Technology (MST)No
Electronic Reticle LevelNo
Guard-ion Lens CoatingNo
Weight (oz)30
Elevation Adjustment Value per Click0.1Mil
Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA)120
Elevation Adjustment Range (MIL)35
Elevation Adjustment Range (cm @ 100m)349
Elevation Adjustment Per Revolution10.5 MIL
Elevation Dial Travel Limit30MIL
Windage Adjustment Value per Click0.1Mil
Windage Adjustment Range (MOA)60
Windage Adjustment Range (MIL)17
Windage Adjustment Range (cm @ 100m)175
Windage Adjustment Per Revolution10 MIL
Magnification Max25
Magnification Min5
Objective Lens Diameter (mm)56
Linear FOV Low Mag (ft@100yds)20.4
Linear FOV High Mag (ft@100yds)4.2
Angular FOV Low Mag (Degrees)3.9
Angular FOV High Mag (Degrees).8
Eye Relief Low Mag (in)3.6
Eye Relief High Mag (in)3.8
Minimum Parallax-Free Distance (yd)50

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