Sulun Arms TAC-12 Review

Last updated on May 13th, 2024

Lets take a closer look at the straight pull Sulun Arms TAC-12 Shotgun. In Australia we aren’t able to own semi-automatic shotguns so there’s a variety of different shotguns available, including lever action and straight pull shotguns.

Sulun Arms

The manufacturer of the TAC-12 is Sulun Arms. The company is based in Turkey and has been operating since 1965. One of Sulan Arms specialties is manufacturing shotguns, so lets dive into the features of the TAC-12.


This model is a 12 gauge straight pull shotgun that is modeled off the famous Benelli M4. The TAC-12 comes with a fair bit thrown in, including a set of chokes, carry case and a muzzle break. Out of the box there is also an additional choke fitted so there is plenty of opportunity to find the right spread pattern to suit you.

Other variants of the TAC-12 are available and come with 24” and 26” barrels. There are also several colour options available including desert tan, sniper grey, olive and black. Unlike other straight pull firearms, the TAC-12 is available in every state in Australia.


The overall construction is what makes this shotgun really standout. Of all the Turkish made shotguns I have owned and used the Sulun Arms TAC-12 is built a lot stronger. The receiver is made of thick steel which is perfect for a rough workout in the Aussie bush.

The shotgun has two distinct buttons on the right hand and of the receiver. The bolt release button and a cartridge drop leaver. The cartridge drop leaver is a great safety feature to have. You can see it in action in our unboxing video below. The rear stock is adjustable for length of pull which made it easy to find a comfortable position when taking aim.

The firearm features an 18” barrel that sits in line with the magazine tube. The 3” chamber can accommodate larger shells. The rubber pistol grip is very comfortable and well finished.

The shotgun comes with a Picatinny rail for the option of mounting a red dot sight. A quick release swivel mount is also included on the stock which can be moved to either side of the shotgun.


The stock sights are a metal adjustable rear ghost ring sight and shrouded front sight. As mentioned above there is also the option of using a red dot sight by mounting it to the picatinny rail. We recently reviewed the Burris RT-1 red dot on a similar shotgun which you can read about here.


The shotgun weighs in at 3.4kg unloaded. This is heavier than other Turkish shotguns such as the Pardus LAX12 (2.8kg), however the extra weight gives you better constructed and more rugged shotgun.


The trigger on the TAC-12 is perfect. It’s not a heavy trigger and has a great break. Sulun Arms did a great job on finding the sweet spot of the perfect amount of pressure for a hunting shotgun.


The shotgun has a tube magazine which runs under the barrel and holds 7 rounds. We didn’t experience any issue with feeding from the magazine and found the tube and loading ramp of higher quality than the Pardus LAX or Adler B220.


Using a variety of shells including target, buckshot and slugs the shotgun performed flawlessly. The adjustable ghost ring sights combined with the chokes available made getting on target and having the preferred spread easy to achieve.


There is a cross bolt safety just behind the trigger which enables the user to quickly engage and disengage when needed. The bolt locking to the rear and the cartridge drop leaver are extra features which make this one of the safest shotguns on the market to use.  

Straight Pull

The action is smooth! Some bolt action/straight pull shotguns we have used are a bit gritty when working the action. Other lever action shotguns have to be really smashed to eject a round successfully. The Sulun Arms TAC-12 continued to impress with all the ammunition types used. Working the bolt handle was a breeze and of all the ammunition types used in a new firearm, we experienced no ejection issues.

As a right handed shooter initially looking at the shotgun, I thought I would prefer the bolt handle on the left hand side, but quickly changed my opinion and adapted to the right side bolt handle after only a few rounds.


The Sulun Arms TAC-12 is an extremely well-made shotgun with the smoothest bolt on a straight pull shotgun we have seen. The firearm is a little more expensive than its competitors but you get a much better constructed firearm for your money with extras already included such as the choke set and case. Do yourself a favor and check out this shotgun at the gun shop before making your next shotgun purchase.


  • Solid build
  • Great aesthetic
  • Smooth action
  • Adjustable stock


  • Other than wishing it was legal to have a semi-auto variant, Nil!

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