GoSky PeakRange 20-60×80 HD Spotting Scope Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

I got hold of the GoSky PeakRange 20-60×85 HD spotting scope to test out against the competition. I use a spotting scope for two main purposes, being able to see hits on targets at the range and for spotting game when hunting.

Spotting small holes in paper through a rifle scope is almost impossible past 100m and I learnt early on in my shooting journey that a spotting scope was needed. The large objective lens and huge magnification range in a spotting scope is perfectly suited to helping you get a clear picture of your target and spotting impacts or near misses. When hunting in the mountains I take a spotting scope and tripod with me as its a stable platform to get a large and clear picture to spot game from far away.

GoSky PeakRange Vs Vortex Diamondback HD

Budget minded target shooters and hunters have a few options available to them where both price and performance are important.  The GoSky PeakRange 20-60×85 HD is a newly released spotting scope and is comparable to the Diamondback spotting scope from Vortex. The biggest difference between the two is the price of the GoSky, being $150 USD less than that of the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope. The GoSky PeakRange 20-60×85 HD retails for $459 USD and the Vortex for $599.

The spotting scope comes with lens covers, cleaning cloth and a fitted neoprene case. The case is a great accessory to include as it provides extra protection when traveling or out in the field.  The GoSky spotting scope also includes a smart phone adapter to help record your shots.


With budget minded scopes its important to see if they can stand up to the conditions where they will be used. The PeakRange 20-60×85 HD is waterproof and fog proof which means it can take harsh weather and still perform. This is incredibly important for me as I don’t always shoot from covered positions at the range and its not uncommon for my gear to get rained on. In addition, the weather conditions when hunting in the mountains can be extreme. Waterproof and fog proof optics are a necessity. 

The textured rubber coating aids in gripping onto the optic in wet weather and also helps with shock absorption. There is also a built-in sunshade that extends to provide added protection against interference from the sun.


The biggest surprise has been the clarity of the glass used, with other budget spotting scopes in the same price bracket having less impressive optical quality. The fully multicoated HD glass is the standout feature of the GoSky 20-60×85 spotting scope. The photos below which don’t do the optic justice, show a post which is just over 400 meters away.


To sum up, the performance of the GoSky 20-60×85 spotting scope speaks for itself with the positive reviews online from target shooting and hunters. The build quality is solid and gives you confidence that it will perform in harsh conditions. The high magnification value coupled with the quality of the glass make the GoSky a great tool in the field for the budget minded shooter and hunter. This isn’t the premium series from GoSky, instead, it’s the entry level line of spotting scope. But, it does feature some high end qualities and is hard to beat when you’re looking for both functionality and affordability in one.

GoSky offers a lifetime warranty on their gear, which gives you confidence that they 100% back their product. The GoSky PeakRange is available on both Amazon and directly from the GoSky website.

GoSky Spotting Scope for shooting

GoSky PeakRange 20-60×80 HD Spotting Scope

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