Horus HoVR 5-20×50 Scope Package Review

Last updated on October 1st, 2023

The heavy hitting complete shooting package from Horus is here. The package deal from Horus Vison includes the HoVR 5-20×50 scope, laser rangefinder and weather meter, however each item can be purchased individually. The pack is aimed at being a one stop shop to get users the tools for making hits at long range.

Image from Horus Vision

Another piece of this package that makes it standout are the reticle options available for the scope. Long range shooters will pay premium prices on Schmidt and Bender PM II’s and Nightforce ATACR’s to get access to these sought-after reticles. The Horus HoVR scope is currently the cheapest optic available that sports the famous TREMOR reticles.

The TREMOR3 in the Horus scope I have is a battle proven reticle being used by Navy Seals, Scout Snipers and various Precision Rifle Series Champions. In this review I’ll show you some of the features of the TREMOR3 and why it’s a popular choice. But first lets see how the scope stacks up.


Horus Vision is owned by Nightforce Optics, who have a great reputation worldwide for producing high quality and rugged scopes. Im glad to see that the battle proven traits from Nightforce optics are inherited by the Horus HoVR. The optic is as well made as some of the premium optics we have reviewed from Nightforce on the channel.

Image from Horus Vision

The maintube is 30mm which keeps the weight of the optic down and also makes scope rings more affordable compared to that of larger 34mm tubes. Long road trips and some rough treatment hasn’t caused me any problems with the HoVR since I picked it up. This scope gets compared with the Nightforce SHV quite a lot online but its more solid than the SHV.


The variable magnification range of 5-20 is the perfect amount for the majority of long-range shooters. Being a First Focal Plane (FFP) optic means that the reticle will change with the magnification adjustment. The field of view at its lowest magnification of 5 x is 20ft or 6.1m and highest magnification of 20x is 5.3 ft or 1.62 m. Changing magnification is made through the raised orange rib that acts as a short throw lever. The textured grip makes magnification changes satisfying with a good amount of tension. 

The only trade off with a FFP scope is that at lower magnifications make it difficult to see the reticle.

The variable optic FFP capability however far outweighs the issues of a difficult to read reticle at closer distances.


The glass quality in the HoVR is impressive. The glass is made in Japan and provides high light transmission through the 50mm objective lens. Even at high magnification there was no lack of resolution and the image stayed crisp.


The optic is designed for long range shooting in mind and leans towards utilising holdovers to reach out. Reticle choices for holdovers are absolutely a personal choice but a major drawcard to this optic is the chance to use the range of advanced reticles that Horus Vision are known for, including the TREMOR 3, 5 and H59 which is the MOA variant. The reason these reticles are so popular is because of the capabilities built into them. The TREMOR3 reticle may appear complicated and busy but can be less confronting and more easily understood by breaking down some of its individual features such as its holdover marks and range estimation functions.

The vertical centre line of the reticle is spaced out in different MIL values. The small round dots represent wind values, and for my .308 the value of each dot is 4miles per hour, per dot. Which makes for easy adjustments via holdover. It’s a great feature when you have a bigger target and you can cover off on 4 to 8 mile per hour wind on the one target.

If you don’t want to use that feature you can also use traditional MIL holdovers for windage with .2 sub tensions.

The arrow shaped MIL markings at the top and side are used for measuring your target for range calculations. If you know how high or wide your target is, you can use the reticle to find out how many MIL it covers and work out an estimated range to target.


One of my favourite features of the HoVR is how nice the turrets are. Turret clicks are tactile, satisfying and are equal to that of other much more expensive optics. It’s a shame that the reticle provides so many capabilities that you are likely to use these great turrets a lot less. The top turret adjusts elevation and the right-side turret is a capped windage turret. Both turrets allow the user to zero them by unscrewing the set screw, lifting the turret and turning it to your zero and retightening the screws. The elevation turret also includes zero stop. An elevation range of 17.5 MRAD and 14.5 MRAD for windage is more than enough to suit those that prefer dialling.

Image from Horus Vision

Large numbers on the elevation turret make reading the dial easy from behind the scope.

The parallax adjustment is located on the left hand side of the optic where adjustments are available from 25 meters to infinity. There isn’t an illumination dial present as the scope doesn’t come with an illumination feature. No issues have been identified so far with tracking in the scope and it continues to perform well.


The HoVR weighs in at 762g or 28.8oz, this is a standard weight for a 5-20×50 and is a good weight for both a comp rifle or a hunting setup.

Summing Up The HoVR 5-20×50

For the price point the lack of illumination is certainly not a deal breaker. The inherited family traits of Nightforce’s solid construction and quality glass make the HoVR a very capable optic. 

The HoVR 5-20×50 and its available reticles are a cheaper alternative to other premium optics that are double in price. With this scope you are also getting access to one of the most state of the art and versatile reticles in the world. The exposed elevation turret and capped windage are a smart choice for the scope as its available reticles are specifically designed for windage holdovers.


  • High Quality Construction of a Premium Scope
  • Great Japanese Made Glass
  • Great Reticle Choices
  • Lifetime Warranty

HoVR Laser Rangefinder

The quickest and most accurate way to find out how far away your target is, is to use a rangefinder. When you know how far a target is, you can use your DOPE (Data of Previous Experience) to get on target. The HoVR Bluetooth laser rangefinder is simple to use by pressing the range button and almost instantly getting a range readout in meters or yards.

Image from Horus Vision

The maximum range capability is listed as 2000 meters. The angle reading is also displayed for calculating true distance to target when shooting up or downhill. Bluetooth connectivity is another great feature which feeds into the Horus ballistic app which you will see why it’s important shortly.

HoVR Bluetooth Weather Meter

Image from Horus Vision

The travel of a projectile is impacted by environmental conditions. To get more data on our environment we need a weather meter. The HoVR weather meter displays wind data in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour. You can also view the maximum, minimum and average value of wind.

The baro button measures barometric pressure in both standard and metric units. Holding the mode button activates the backlight to improve readability. The T/RH button displays the ambient temperature in degrees or in Fahrenheit. The last button, ‘Alt’ gives you a readout of your altitude in meters or feet.

The HoVR app

Horus have a ballistic app that is awesome. I have used other ballistic apps in the past such as Strelok Pro which costs $17.99 at the time of writing. The Horus app is available for both Apple and Android and is completely free. The data from the rangefinder and the weather meter feeds into the app via Bluetooth to give you a firing solution. It has fields for the rifles bore height, projectile information, muzzle velocity, zeroed range and twist rate of your rifle barrel.

Once you have ranged the target and collected atmospherics the app gets the ballistic solution. The app will also give you a visual representation of your reticle and the holdover position needed.

Overall this system from Horus works and is fantastic value, whether you are new to long range or upgrading your current setup.

For more information on the Complete Shooting Package from Horus checkout their website.

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